Holly's Bear

Year Created: 1994

Check out this fashionable bear! He’s quite grown-up, and he loves wearing a different bow every day. He sometimes says, “Hugs make life bearable.”

Beep beep! Check out this week’s featured Dream Studio video!

Hello Kitty Beetle doesn’t feature a cat-and-bug crossbreed. Instead, it has pictures of a custom-made Volkswagen Beetle with just about any and every tool and accessory on it bearing the cute and familiar beribboned kitty’s face. From the seatbelt straps to the seat covers, it is the ultimate Hello Kitty car.

Every Hello Kitty and car fan would surely want to check this out - maybe even own the car!

Watch the video by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/6ed463538eb353d4.

 SanrioTown Europe was officially launched August 22, 2007, at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

 Of course, Hello Kitty was right in on the action, greeting and welcoming the guests who arrived. Being the popular star that she is, representatives of two German TV stations came running to take pictures of her as soon as she appeared, as well as the SanrioTown booth.

SanrioTown Europe Launch

SanrioTown Europe Launch

The SanrioTown booth, which was designed to look like a beach tower, also had a computer where people can register at SanrioTown on the spot for free. There was also a screen that played the trailer of the upcoming Hello Kitty MMOG. A team of friendly SanrioTown personnel assisted the visitors of the booth, helping them out in exploring SanrioTown and handing out giveaways.

SanrioTown Europe Launch

Of course, the launch wouldn’t be complete without the people. From hip girls to skater boys, from rockers to techies, from reporters to children, everyone was crazy for Hello Kitty! Fans, regardless of age or gender flocked to have a picture with Hello Kitty. Not only were the photos displayed on the big screen, but the ones who had the best shots with Kitty were given prizes, including a pink Ipod, shirts, handbags, and keychains.

SanrioTown Europe Launch

 SanrioTown Europe Launch

SanrioTown Europe Launch

All in all, it was a very fun and successful launch of SanrioTown Europe, introducing and bringing more people into the community.

Guess who made a special appearance at the recently concluded Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany?Games Convention, Leipzig 

That’s right: it’s Hello Kitty!

SanrioTown Europe was formally launched at the Leipzig Games Convention (or GC). The event, which was first held in 2002, showcases the latest in technology and games, as well as infotainment and edutainment. Arguably the biggest games convention in the whole world, the GC brings in a lot of companies all over the world to take part in it, and SanrioTown Europe was fortunate enough to be one of the exhibitors.

Games Convention, Leipzig

Games Convention, Leipzig

Games Convention, Leipzig

Games Convention, Leipzig

The European portal was formally launched during the GC, great news for Europeans who are great fans of Hello Kitty and her friends. The new addition to the community includes the site’s availability in other languages besides English: German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish, as well as Japanese and Chinese.

Games Convention, Leipzig

Games Convention, Leipzig

The event marks the truth in the little feline’s motto, as more fans are now reached through the site, regardless of their age, gender, or race, making the official online community of Sanrio even bigger and better.

Games Convention, Leipzig

Games Convention, Leipzig

For more information about the event, go to http://www.gc-germany.com/.

Hello KittyYear Created: 1974Birthday: November 1

Birthplace: Suburban London, England

Weight: The same as three apples

Height: The same as as five apples

Kitty is a warm-hearted little girl. She is naturally curious and inquisitive, and loves to go out and meet new people she can be friends with. She loves cute stuff, like stars, candy, and goldfish, and she also likes collecting small things.

She likes eating the apple pies and cookies that her mom and her sister bake.

She also likes baking too, as well as reading, playing music, playing outdoors, having tea parties, listening to music, and of course, making friends.

She is currently in the third grade with her sister Mimmy. She lives in London, England, with her family. She wears a ribbon, usually red, on her left ear.

Kitty’s Family

Hello Kitty's Family

Mary: Kitty’s Mama. She is very kind and loving not only to her family, but to everyone else as well. She takes care of their house. She loves baking, her apple pie making her famous.

George: Kitty’s absent-minded Papa. He has a great sense of humor, always making his family laugh. He works at a trading company, and he is dedicated and meticulous about his job. He is very dependable.

Margaret: Kitty’s Grandma. She loves making pudding and doing embroidery on her rocking chair.

Anthony: Kitty’s Grandpa. He loves to paint and tell stories to his grandchildren.

Mimmy: Hello Kitty’s twin sister. While Kitty is curious, Mimmy is shy. They’re best friends and always goes on adventures together. She wears a ribbon, usually yellow, on her right ear.

Dear Daniel: Daniel Star’s birthday is on May 3.  He is very sentimental and a bit naive. He loves dancing and playing the piano, as well as eating cheesecake and yoghurt. His biggest dream is to become a photographer or a celebrity. He is a very snappy dresser.

He and Kitty were childhood companions, but when his father, a photographer, was posted at Africa, the rest of his family (including his Mama and younger brother) moved there. They lived in different countries for a time, until they reached New York, where Daniel learned hip-hop dancing. From there, he moved back to London.

Aside from Mimmy and Daniel, here are some of the other friends of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty's Friends

Cathy: She is a quiet little girl rabbit who is completely selfless, always putting others first before herself.

Tiny Chum: He is a cute furry little guy who is always great fun to be with. Kitty and Mimmy treat him as a younger brother.

Tippy: He is strong and kind-hearted. He tries to compete with Daniel for Kitty’s affection.

Joey: Although a bit clumsy, this cute little mouse is a great athlete and is the most popular guy in their school.

Joey’s Girlfriend: As active as her boyfriend, this little girl mouse keeps Joey running!

Jodie: This girl dog is smart! She loves to study and hopes to be a researcher someday.

Tracy: A perky raccoon who is always up for good-natured mischief. Like Kitty, he loves making friends.

Rory: This little squirrel knows a thing or two about the forest! He and Kitty met there while she was collecting flowers, and they sometimes go off to explore it.

Mory: A shy little mole who lives at Kitty’s backyard.

Tim and Tammy: These little monkeys are always looking out for fun and try to be at the very center of it.

Fifi: Fifi is a very active little girl who is a go-getter. 

Some Facts/Trivia about Hello Kitty:

  • She is Sanrio’s first and most popular character
  • Her favorite line is, “You can never have too many friends.”
  • She is usually depicted as not having a mouth, because “she speaks from the heart.”
  • Hello Kitty symbolizes generosity, innocence, kindness, and friendship
  • She is Sanrio’s icon.

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