XO Construction

Looks like Badtz Maru’s got some construction jobs to do! Be his engineering partner and help him cover the construction sites by pushing the sandpiles over these.
XO Construction
Move these using the arrow keys. You can walk over these construction sites. However, once you’ve covered these already (as shown by two wooden planks forming an “X” over the holes), you cannot do so anymore, so careful planning and strategizing are needed so that you’ll be able to complete the task.
XO Construction

Once you’re done with the current screen, another, more difficult map will show up for you to solve. Your score is determined by the number of moves you make for each puzzle, so try and finish it in as few keystrokes as possible.

Play this and other fun games at SanrioTown! All you need is an account, which is free and open for everyone.:)

Check out the following features on the official blog of SanrioTown this week! 

Tuesday: What has XO been digging for? Find out more when we feature Badtz Maru construction on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Another blog is put under the spotlight on Wednesday.

Thursday: View a selected  Dream Studio video made by one of the SanrioTown members.

Friday: Know who the Ginga Chibiko gang members are this Friday.

Gimme Five

Year Created: 1985 Name a sport. Chances are the “Gimme Five” guys have played it! Playing their very best on and off the field, these budding athletes give their all - in their matching uniforms, of course! If you want to know what sportsmanship and teamwork mean, just look at these five boys and they’ll show you what it’s all about.

These past years, Sanrio has been creating characters that go against the stereotypical cuteness. Among these are Badtz Maru, Lloromannic, the newly-created Devil Hello Kitty. While not precisely bad, these are the ones that have a touch of naughtiness in them that appeals to a lot of people who sometimes gets tired of too much sweetness. One of the most popular characters following this trend is My Melody’s nemesis Kuromi, of which this week’s selected video is focused on.

For those who don’t know who Kuromi is, she’s a little white girl rabbit who’s perpetually wearing a black jester hat with a pink skull design. She considers My Melody as her rival, even if the other one considers her as a friend. These days, Kuromi’s popularity is rapidly increasing, making her a huge favorite among a lot of people. This week’s featured video, “Kuromi in Paris,” is proof of her fame.

As what the title says, candi (the creator of the video) placed Kuromi in various scenic spots of the known ”city of love.” What makes the video really interesting (and funny) is that the pictures used by her complemented each other, making it look as though cute Kuromi was actually enjoying the sites of Paris.

Watch the video by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/05b4dfb78a9ca718.

SanrioTown has a lot of members coming from practically all ages, anywhere in the world, and being interested in anything and everything (aside from Hello Kitty and her other Sanrio friends, of course!) No matter how different your hobby or interest may be, sooner or later, you might just find someone who’s as devoted to it as you are here. Such is the case with our blog feature this week!

During May, we featured a knitting blog called “Knittin’ with the Kitten.” Who would have thought that a couple of months later, we’re going to have another blog created by a knitting fan?:D 

Misadventures of a Novice Knitter,” owned and maintained by akari_mizunashi. Don’t ever think that people who love arts and crafts are boring - she’s a living proof that artsy people are really fun! Her blog has got to be one of the more humorous here on SanrioTown, bits of witticisms inserted in just about every entry, and even in the pictures she attaches to her post. A reader of her blog will find it hard not to chuckle, because her descriptions, captions and edited images are hilarious.

Aside from knitting, the self-confessed  “mini domestic goddess” proves her name right by also putting recipes and tales of her adventures in the kitchen. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill kind though, because she narrates this with the sense of humor that’s become her style of writing in her blog.

Adventures of a Novice Knitter

Know more about her (mis)adventures by going to http://blog.sanriotown.com/akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

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