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Hello Kitty dresses up in 12 different costumes to connect the world
The cute bow-adorning Hello Kitty has always been a symbol of friendship and happiness, connecting the globe. Chow Sang Sang is now sending Hello Kitty around the world in a hot-air balloon, spreading the message of love to new friends along the way, and bringing smiles to kids and adults alike all over.

To celebrate this auspicious event, Chow Sang Sang is launching the Hello Kitty “Around The World” Pure Gold Collection featuring figurines and pendants of Hello Kitty in different national costumes. Ranging from an I ♥ HK mini T-shirt, a Japanese Kimono, a Dutch Dress, an Egyptian Warrior Outfit to Tahiti Hula Skirt, each design is equally unique and specially designed by Chow Sang Sang, bringing elements of culture and style to the friendship ambassador in a journey to connect the world with love.

The Significant “Around The World” Journey for Hello Kitty
To create the new Hello Kitty Collection, Chow Sang Sang worked closely with Sanrio from concept development to product design. To further celebrate the launch of this exciting collection, each purchase of any six of the Hello Kitty “Around The World” pure gold pendants entitles customers to a special packaging with Hello Kitty’s signature from Chow Sang Sang.

Hello Kitty pendants and figurines in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Egypt, United States and Tahitian costumes are now available at Chow Sang Sang, while the four Asian editions will be released mid-September.

For further enquiries, please contact

Hello Kitty “Around The World” Journey
Saying farewell to her friends and already missing her mother’s apple pie, Hello Kitty was ready to venture into new horizons, meeting new friends and spreading the message of love along the way. With her passport, T-shirts, and luggage ready, Hello Kitty began her fantastic adventure as an ambassador of love and friendship. 

hello kitty gold figures

Asian Beginnings
Throughout the journey, Hello Kitty met numerous interesting and inspiring new friends.

Hello Kitty put on the I ♥ HK mini T-shirt and said goodbye to Dear Daniel. Departing Hong Kong, Hello Kitty began her journey around the world and aspired to spread the “I Love Hong Kong” message to all corners of the world.

The first stop of the journey was China. To experience the rich Chinese heritage in style, Hello Kitty put on a traditional Chinese cotton-wadded jacket filled with delicate embroidery. Even as she was impressed with the hospitality, Hello Kitty proceeded to Japan and Korea, two of her favorite countries. In Japan, Hello Kitty changed into a traditional Japanese kimono, and admiring the beauty of Sakura blossoms in Kyoto. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, classic architecture and a pink sea of Sakura blossoms, Hello Kitty adorned her hair with cute Sakura accessories.

Although the scenery was beautiful, Hello Kitty had to proceed with the journey. Moving to Korea, the last stop in Asia, Hello Kitty was inspired by the rich culture and changed into a Korean hanbok, and playfully posing with the classic Korean fan.

European Romance
Leaving Asia, Hello Kitty stepped on a train and embarked on a romantic journey through Europe. United Kingdom is indeed a familiar country for Hello Kitty as it was where she was born. In a classic British “Sherlock Holmes”-inspired outfit, Hello Kitty browsed the flea market and looked through her magnifying glass to hunt for hidden treasures. With a “Choo choo!,” the train brought Hello Kitty to the Netherlands. Amidst the scenic backdrop of windmills and tulips, Hello Kitty put on wooden clogs and a Dutch hat to create a picture perfect moment.

Having thoroughly enjoyed touring around the different countries and sightseeing, Hello Kitty was ready for more challenging adventures. In Switzerland, she proceeded to the apex of Mount Jungfraujoch and stepped into her skiing gear, swishing through steep slopes. Afterwards, Hello Kitty arrived in Spain seeking more thrills and excitement. Inspired by the ancient sport of bullfighting, Hello Kitty changed into a smart matador outfit, determined to brave the bullfight challenge.

The Mysterious Middle East
Following Europe, Hello Kitty ventured into the mysterious realm of the Middle East - a world filled with mystery and lost civilization. In Egypt, Hello Kitty relived the Kingdom of the Pharaoh and put on a snake-shaped head piece for her role as an ancient Egyptian warrior.
Although the world of classical civilization is intriguing, Hello Kitty was keen to follow her plan and proceed to experience the “American Dream”: in North America.

South and North America’s Passion
Breathing the air of freedom, Hello Kitty arrived in New York. Hello Kitty mischievously imitated the pose of the Statue of Liberty by lifting up the torch and shouting aloud, “I Love Freedom”.

In Tahiti, Hello Kitty was greeted by passionate and sexy Tahitian girls. In a hula skirt, Hello Kitty joined the girls for a round of exotic dancing.

Leaving Tahiti, Hello Kitty finally arrived in Mexico. Filled with Mexican rhythm and music, it was indeed a perfect moment for Hello Kitty to take a rest after an exciting yet memorable journey.

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