Cosplay, or costume play, is a rapidly-growing hobby (even considered as culture) all over the world. A combination of the words “costume” and “play,” this involves people dressing up as characters usually from anime, manga, TV shows, books, films, and video games. These past years, the number of followers have spread out, extending beyond Japan (arguably its place of origin), and penetrated through other Asian countries, even reaching the Americas, Europe, and Australia.Nanao has dedicated her blog to this culture. Posting pictures of cosplayers that she finds particularly interesting, she also gives an interesting narrative on what’s going on with the picture, and a short description of where the character that person is from.

Nanao's Research

The blog, called Nanao’s Research, currently has featured cosplayers of characters from anime/manga and video games. A lot of people have considered people who have this hobby as dorky, but the pictures that Nanao has posted show that they’re definitely anything but that! As the blog member state herself, “Cosplay is indeed about fun, but you must also consider how you look when you cosplay.” The photos she’s posted have all looked good and stayed true to the characters they’ve tried to dress up as.

The good thing about this blog is that she’s always on the lookout for intersting cosplay pictures, so if you want to be featured, or if you want to have your favorite picture posted on Nanao’s blog, just send her a message! Another thing to note of: as Nanao explicitly stated, she’s found these pictures on the Internet, so if you know who these cosplayers are, do inform her so she can credit them for the amazing work they’ve done.

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