XO Construction

Looks like Badtz Maru’s got some construction jobs to do! Be his engineering partner and help him cover the construction sites by pushing the sandpiles over these.
XO Construction
Move these using the arrow keys. You can walk over these construction sites. However, once you’ve covered these already (as shown by two wooden planks forming an “X” over the holes), you cannot do so anymore, so careful planning and strategizing are needed so that you’ll be able to complete the task.
XO Construction

Once you’re done with the current screen, another, more difficult map will show up for you to solve. Your score is determined by the number of moves you make for each puzzle, so try and finish it in as few keystrokes as possible.

Play this and other fun games at SanrioTown! All you need is an account, which is free and open for everyone.:)

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