Dust off your numbers and logic hat, because Sudoku has invaded SanrioTown! 

SanrioTown Sudoku

One of the most popular games for the past few years, the game is more involved with logic than with mathematical or arithmetic skills. Contrary to popular belief, the game actually did not originate from Japan. Instead, it was invented by American Howard Garns in 1979, dubbing his creation “Number Place.” A few years later, it became a hit in Japan, re-named as Sudoku, which eventually stuck.
Sudoku Easy

“Sudoku” means “single number” or “the digits must only ocur once,” and that is exactly the objective of a person playing the game. The aim of the puzzle is to assign numbers 1-9 per box/subdivision (the smaller boxes), completing all nine numerals. However, the catch is that  each line should also have a complete 1-9 assignation, and all the while, the player has to ensure that no two numbers occur on the same line or box at the same time.
Sudoku Medium

SanrioTown’s sudoku comes in three levels of difficulty, of which players can choose from based on their ability/experience with the game. Beginners can start with “Easy,” intermediate users can go with “Medium,” and experts can play the puzzle under the “Tough” category.
Sudoku Tough

The puzzles change every day, so if you want a daily dose of brain exercise, the SanrioTown Sudoku games are the way to go! All you need is your SanrioTown account, and you’re good to go. Proceed to the Games section and go to the Puzzle Games. If you don’t have one yet, be sure to get one now by clicking here, or go to http://www.sanriotown.com. Don’t worry, it’s free.:D

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