Hong Kong - Hello Kitty has been so impressed with the caring customer service provided by the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) staff that she and her friends have donned MTR uniforms in honor of MTR’s “We Serve From the Heart” culture.

Hello Kitty MTR

Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, and some of their friends appeared in a catwalk show at MTR Hong Kong Station yesterday (10 July 2007) dressed as MTR Train Operators, Assistant Fire and Security Supervisors, Infrastructure Maintenance Officers, Rolling Stock Maintenance Officers, Station Assistants, and Group Station Managers. A special MTR Hello Kitty Heroes theme song describing the work of the uniformed staff was also introduced at the event. Hello Kitty MTR

“Hello Kitty is always very well-received in Hong Kong and we feel both MTR and Hello Kitty fans will find our Heroes collection very unique and attractive,” said Ms. Annie Leung, Marketing Planning Manager of the MTR Corporation. “The six uniforms being highlighted represent the crucial roles these staff play in ensuring smooth MTR operations every day. We hope the figurines and song will not only served as a coveted souvenir but also allow our passengers to learn more about our operations and our caring service culture.”

From 16 July to 2 September 2007, passengers who ride the MTR ten times (Airport Express not included) with the same Audit or Concessionary Octopus Card from Monday to Friday of each promotion week will be eligible to redeem an MTR “Hello Kitty” Hero of the week for HK $18. In the last week of the campaign, they can claim the limited edition “Hello Kitty” MTR Train and Theme Song CD for HK $30, including all the MTR “Hello Kitty” Heroes.

Hello Kitty MTR

 Details are as follows : 

Redemption Period/Item/Redemption Price

16 – 22 July 2007 / Train Operator “Hello Kitty” / HK $18

23 – 29 July 2007 / Assistant Fire & Security Supervisor “Hello Kitty”/ HK $18

30 July – 5 August 2007 / Infrastructure Maintenance Officer “Hello Kitty” / HK $18

6 – 12 August 2007 / Rolling Stock Maintenance Officer “Hello Kitty” / HK $18

13 – 19 August 2007 / Station Assistant “Hello Kitty” / HK $18

20 – 26 August 2007 / Group Station manager “Hello Kitty” /HK $18

27 August – 2 September 2007 / “Hello Kitty” MTR train and Theme Song CD / HK $30

Passengers will receive one point for each fare-paying MTR journey using their Octopus card. Ten bonus points will be deleted when a redemption is made. All accumulated bonus points will expire and a new count will being on the Monday of each week during the promotion period.

Redemptions can be made at any MTR Customer Service Centre (Airport Express stations not included) or special redemption counter with the promotion week on a first-come, first-served basis while stock lasts. The price of the MTR “Hello Kitty” Hero or MTR Train with Theme Song CD will be deducted from the Octopus card presented.

Helo Kitty MTR

MTR passengers can also find out more about MTR through an exhibition introducing the job responsibilities and uniforms of the six MTR “Hello Kitty” Heroes at MTR Hong Kong Station from 11 July to 2 September 2007.

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