Percy Bysshe Shelley once said, “Are we not formed, as notes of music are / For one another, though dissimilar?”

These words can actually be used to describe our featured blog for today. Simply titled “Lucila,” after the author’s name, the blog at first seems to be a combination of things that are relatively different from each other. Music, anime, videos, games, sports… These are just some of the topics that she tackles on in her blog.

Lucila SanrioTown Blog
However, when you read the entries, you’ll realize that it’s really all connected, not because of their topics, but because these are the interests of one person who not only loves these, but also enjoys writing about these things. Add these with occasional peeks on Lucila’s life and you’ll get to know about this person who has a zest for life and has fun with it.

Know more about Lucila and her blog by clicking on the title or the image above.

A lot of people love collecting stuff, especially when it comes to things with their favorite characters on it. For some, it remains but a dream to have a whole bunch of these items, sometimes only sticking to only a few pieces for a variety of reasons.

Happily for candi, she doesn’t have to go through that, and she can share her Hello Kitty collection with us through her Dream Studio video. Simply titled “My Sanrio Plushies,” she features her huggable toys, including Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, and their friends, in a very cute, unique style. Add fun music and special effects, and you have one video that’s almost too cute to handle.:D

View the video by clicking on its title.

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