Pet lovers and those who adore kawaii stuff will surely adore this week’s featured blog!


Saber’s Ataraxia is filled with cute animal entries, usually of pets owned by her or her friends. From adorable doggies to cuddly cats, pet owners and animal lovers can’t help but go, “Aaawww….” when they see the photos. Funny captions (written in |337 - a form of Internet slang) go with the images to add to the already-cutesy feel of the blog. That’s not all though: Saber also invites the SanrioTown members to submit their favorite photos of their pets to her so she can feature them, making them and their feline or canine best friends stars in their own rights in this blog.

Know more about Ataraxia by going here.

Is there anyone here who misses the old Sanrio characters who aren’t seen that much anymore? Nyago_cat seems to think so, and that’s why this SanrioTown user made a video that’s all about her namesake, Nemukko Nyago!

Simply titled “Nyago“, this video is all about Sanrio’s dozing tabby cat. It provides information about who this character is to introduce those who aren’t really familiar with this feline. Along with the interesting trivia are cute images of Nyago, doing what he loves most in the world: sleeping!

Watch the video and know more about this napping little boy cat here.

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