Your wait is over! Thank you all so much for the response you’ve given, especially for those who took the time and submitted their special moments in life on Dream Studio. Your creations are really great, but there can only be three winners. We are pleased to give you the official list of the “A Dazzling Moment” contest victors. There are also some videos we think also deserve recognition for the great work they’ve done on their videos.Take a deep breath, and once you’re ready, scroll down to check whether you have made it to DreamStudio fame (don’t forget to breathe out while you’re at it!) Congratulations!

Grand Prize: Jaco&Ying ~ Love In by Most Popular: Twinkle Effect - True Love by

Judges’ Pick: Sachiko Dazzling Moment by

Honorable Mentions

The Day I Became A Big Sister by

Our Wedding by

My Dazzling Moment by

Check out the announcement page here.

Friendly Kokko-chan 

Real Name: Kokko-chan 

Year Created: 1992

You’ll never find Kokko-chan without Hiyoko-kun, her little brother. They always have fun hanging out together! Her wit’s really sharp - better be quick in thinking, or you’ll receive a quip or two from her! She is also a neatnik, always looking for stuff to tidy. Her roundness is proof of her love for eating.

We know a lot of our SanrioTown members are Windows users, so Ishida made a tutorial on how to make posts using Windows Live Writer! This will not only make your bloggging experience much easier, but you’re also guaranteed that it will work perfectly with your computer if you’re using Windows.

Check out Ishida’s tutorial on this here.

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