Our Blog All-Star today features one of the biggest animes to ever hit the world today. That’s right, we’re talking about the mischievous, albeit a little clumsy, fledgling ninja Naruto as well as his allies and enemies from the series (anime and manga) following his name.

Ichiraku Ramen Bar The Ichiraku Ramen Bar, owned and maintained by zakura_2007, mostly features stuff regarding Naruto, or more specifically, Shippūden (translated as Hurricane), considered as the second season of the series. For those who are not familiar with the series but are interested in it, don’t worry! Zakura_2007 features Naruto character and series information, including little-known trivia and even news on the series. There is even a cosplay post featuring some of big fans of the manga and anime. For those who aren’t really interested in Naruto (or manga or anime for that matter), you’ll aso be able to find something of interest in the blog, because the owner also puts in material on modern culture, including food and music.To check out Zakura’s blog, click on the image or link above.

A special bonus for our Chinese subscribers: the Hello Kitty and Friends 3-D Animation blog has a Chinese version already! Hello Kitty and Friends 3D in Chinese

For those who haven’t been able to check out last week’s entry on this, Sanrio will be releasing a 3D animated series featuring Hello Kitty and Friends.  The English blog, which was released last week, contains sneak peeks, news and information, and stories about the upcoming series. Like its counterpart, the Chinese blog, entitled “The Adventure of Hello Kitty and Friends, gives a background on the animation.

Non-Chinese speaking members, don’t worry! You can still check out the blog to check out additional images for a sneak peek and how the series will look like.

To visit the blog, click on the title or its corresponding image.

Is there anyone here who can say that they love Hello Kitty to the brink of insanity (in a good way, of course)? Today’s user-created video is a testament that one can go crazy for something that they really love.


Hello Kitty Madness!!,” a video made by j3zal_kity114, is all about everyone’s favorite white feline. It’s not just drawings of her that are featured in the video, though. Quirky items with her world famous logo or her actual face are also shown in some of the slides, including a wedding dress, a car, a mobile phone, and even fast food items. To check out the video, click on the link above if you can’t watch it from here.

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