Formulix Z 

Year Created: 2002

Check out this futuristic car! Designed for the year 2012, this is an experimental car that is a product of hard research for rally racing. This car goes beyond being amphibious: it can travel through land, air, and water.

Here are the specs of this unique vehicle:


FZ - 02


Total length: 4.9m

Full-width: 1.8m

Total height: 1.2m
Weight Fixed Capacity

Gross vehicle weight: 1.7t

Fixed capacity: 2 names


Type: HS77

Full speed: 365km

Fuel: Liquefied hydrogen and solar energy


Infrared ray

Scopes all direction


Image sensor

Altitude control movable wings

Cruise mode

Driver Mode

Auto-Pilot Mode

Good news to all the Chinese-speaking members of SanrioTown out there! The official blog and Ishida’s FAQ Blog have now been translated into Chinese for your easy perusal.
Here are the links:
Official Blog in Chinese:
Chinese FAQ Blog:

You’ve heard the line “Don’t judge a book by its cover” probably a number of times. In this case, we’ll modify it a little and say don’t judge a person by her name.:D Don’t let the monicker “darkntwisty” fool you, because her blog is anything but dark.The Curious Case of the Missing Strawberry“ features a lot of cute and interesting stuff in her blog. From clothes to TV shows to quizzes to songs to movies to (what else?) strawberries, darkntwisty never seems to be running out of ideas of things to feature in her blogs.

She even uses her own, personalized watermark, moods, and graphics to claim that blog as her own. You go, girl!Check out the blog by clicking on its title or the image above.

Just about everyone has heard of the romance of June brides. Kelseyc jumped in the bandwagon and created a video about a wedding.Greatest Wedding Ever!!! features not only the bride and her groom, but also includes the whole ensemble, from the flower girl to the rings that will be used in the wedding. Dare I say the wedding song has also been chosen, since one has also been included in the video?


To view this, click on the link or the image above.

Let’s go retro!

For those who grew up in the 90s (or for those who want to experience it), relive the day of the brick game by playing Little Twin Stars Tetris at SanrioTown!

Little Twin Stars Tetris 

The game works the same way as the old Tetris games of the not-so-distant past, but with cuter graphics. Differently-shaped pieces will fall one by one from the top of the screen (from Lala, to be exact), and the player has to stack these in whatever way s/he sees fit (and watch Kiki follow the piece being controlled :P). Whenever a row becomes completely filled, it will disappear and points will be awarded on how many tiles have been removed.

Little Twin Stars

Not only are the pieces differently shaped, they’re also made up of different fun things, including candies, stars, hearts, and puffs of clouds. Better resist keeping all of these though, or else you’ll lose the game!

Know more about these and other fun games at SanrioTown!

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