Love can be seen in a variety of ways: love for a mother to a child, between friends, spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends… There is, however, such a thing as unrequited love, where one thinks that s/he has already found it, only to discover that it has never been his/hers after all.

This is the subject of our featured video this week. Appropriately titled “Love,” by nhungcoi, the video shows what it is with this bittersweet thing we all will experience at one point or the other. The graphics include really beautiful images and it features a really good song to go along with the mood of the video. All in all, it’s a very well-made creation, and even if the story’s sad, it will still make those who’ve ever experienced love in their lives relate to it.

Click on the title to watch the video if you can’t view it from above.

Spend a fun day at the festival by helping our favorite white dog hand out balloons to his many friends in Pochacco’s Balloon. Sounds easy? Not by a long shot, as each animal has differing speeds and directions, and have awful tempers to boot! Better have their balloons ready for them, or they’ll walk out on you!

Play the game now by clicking on the game title or on the images above. Make sure you get a SanrioTown account first, otherwise, you won’t be able to!

Hey everyone! Here is this week’s schedule of the SanrioTown Blog topics:

Tuesday: Our featured game this week: Pochacco’s Balloon!

Wednesday: Get set for another Dream Video and Blog of the Week! These are exclusively made by you SanrioTown fans!

Thursday: Another tutorial to help you in your SanrioTown questions

Friday: Sanrio Character Feature: Daisy & Coro are up!

Year Created: 1985

This pair of ostriches are a pair of hams! Dachonosuke, the male, and Dachomi, the female, are a stand-up comedy tandem who won’t let go of the microphone once they have it in their hands. They are featured as emcees in the yearly Strawberry News character popularity contest.

Anyone ever encountered pressing the alignment button a number of times but ending up getting frustrated because the picture on the entry seems to have a mind of its own and doesn’t follow what you want it to do? There’s a very simple way on how you can change the alignment of the images that you upload in your blog entries. First, click on the image, which should already be on the Editor (to see a tutorial on how to do this, click here) . It doesn’t matter how you’ve uploaded it, as long as it’s already in the composer of your blog entries.:p Once you’ve selected it, click on the Image button. A window that looks like this should pop up.


From here, enter how much space you would want on the sides (even at the top and bottom!) on the “Horizontal Space” or “Vertical Space” areas, consecutively. These should be in numerical value and measures in pixels. There’s really no exact way of saying how much the value of the space that you allot should be, because it really depends on how big the image you are uploading is. Try and see what the best value it via trial-and-error. A useful way of seeing how it looks like on your blog itself is by clicking “Save and Continue Editing” first instead of publishing it immediately. After the page loads, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the preview of how the blog entry would look like when it’s published. Compare the way it looks to how you would want it to actually like it and work on the value from there.:) Once you’re done, publish the entry so that the public would be able to view it.

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