You’ll be looking at the world, er, blog with rose-tinted glasses with Rei Kuassary’s “@}~,~~roseate~~`~{@” blog.

“Roseate” is actually the perfect name for her blog, because it’s really all about pink! From her link banner, to font color, to her mood icons, it’s all positively screaming pink.:D All of rei’s posts are about cuteness and fun, and the shade just adds to its fun factor.

You can check out Rei’s blog by clicking here, its title, or the image above.

Love can be seen in a variety of ways: love for a mother to a child, between friends, spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends… There is, however, such a thing as unrequited love, where one thinks that s/he has already found it, only to discover that it has never been his/hers after all.

This is the subject of our featured video this week. Appropriately titled “Love,” by nhungcoi, the video shows what it is with this bittersweet thing we all will experience at one point or the other. The graphics include really beautiful images and it features a really good song to go along with the mood of the video. All in all, it’s a very well-made creation, and even if the story’s sad, it will still make those who’ve ever experienced love in their lives relate to it.

Click on the title to watch the video if you can’t view it from above.

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