Year Created: 1998
Real Name: Kuririn

Birthday: February 4

Kuririn is called the “Golden Hamster.” He was born in a pet store, and his birthday is actually the date when he arrived at the home of his female owner. His hat, an unknown flower, was taken by Kuririn from the basket where his owner put the flowers she collected. His eyes, which are shiny and bright (”Kuririn” in Japanese), aren’t that good. He likes to chew stuff, particularly since he’s still growing teeth.

Known to be shy and curious, he loves playing hide-and-seek, always looking out for the smallest of small places to hide. He can sometimes be stingy and also a little bit of a coward, but he is always good at looking for fun things to do. While he is curious, he tends to pay attention to things related to food and fun, and can be forgetful about the rest. When nobody is around, he and his girlfriend Sakura look out for collectible things, like seeds and buttons, which he keeps in his tissue paper bed. Aside from gathering his favorite stuff, he also likes to build houses. He also loves to sniff around, having a sensitive nose, and likes to smell new things. His favorite food are cookies and sunflower seeds.

Family of Kuririn


Birthday: February 4

Like her boyfriend, Sakura was born in the pet store, and her birthday is actually celebrated on the date when she arrived at her and Kuririn’s owner’s home. Gentle and nice, she loves to cook. Her all-time favorite food is egg, except now, she’s a little fat, so she’s on a diet. She loves to walk and go look at things from high places (she even stood on top of the TV once!). She can also tell who is arriving just by the sound of their footsteps.


Birthday: October 8

The oldest son of Kuririn, he looks almost exactly like his father. He’s also curious, but can sometimes be selfish. He loves to build houses with Kuririn, and is most happy with the secret house that’s being built inside their box. His favorite game is hide-and-seek because he easily finds really narrow cracks to hide in. He loves following Kuririn around as he walks.


Birthday: October 8

Although not as brave as her brothers and sisters, she still knows how to get attention. Whenever she sees a crack on the floor or a corner, she goes in it and circles around. She knows the difference between right and wrong. When she’s scared or just walking, she loves to rush around and run all over the place. She has been adopted by Ken.


Birthday: October 8

Very mischievous, she loves to play tricks on the others. She uses her little hands to make a soft bed out of newspapers. She feels sad whenever she can’t jump from high places or when she gets stuck in narrow cracks. She has a knack for finding money that’s been dropped, and even saved 65 dollars from this. She has been adopted by Rina.


Birthday: October 8

Cherry loves eating the fruit she was named after, even able to put three at a time in her month. Out of all her siblings, she’s the one who loves to eat the most. She’s carefree and relaxed, usually collecting flowers and putting them on her head. She hides food everywhere so she can find them again while she walks around.


Birthday: October 8
Strong and powerful, he is the biggest out of all his siblings. He hates paying attention to details, and loves to make his tail very messy. He enjoys circling around, and does so for two hours everyday. He likes to balance things on his nose, even having two cups on it at a time. He has been adopted by Nami.


Birthday: October 8

Moody and honest, she is always conscious about her looks and cleans herself with her mouth. When she’s in a good mood, she loves sleeping in the palm of others. She treats her collection of lollipops as her personal treasure. She can chew on different things and make pretty shapes, like flowers and hears, out of these. She’s been adopted by Miki.


Birthday: October 8

Chacha is the athlete of the family. He’s not afraid to try out new things and loves excitement, sometimes getting him into trouble. He likes to ride on things to balance himself, like balls or pencils, but his best skill is to balance upside down. He loves attention and can be very naughty.

Friends of Kuririn


Birthday: August 4

Jan lives in the house of Kuririn’s owner’s friends. Shy, he has a tendency to hide inside cracks. He loves to take a nap, eat, and spend his time on the wheel. He sometimes dreams that he’d fall off of it. Once he is sleeping, though, not even his alarm clock could wake him up!


Birthday: November 6

Ann was born in the house of Kuririn’s owner’s friends. She is very energetic and not afraid of strangers. She loves to eat dry fish chips and can finish five in a snap. Her hobby is escaping! She usually tries to jump in cracks to play there. She always takes the shortest route when she walks, and goes home if it it’s long. She likes jumping from high places, her best record coming from the second drawer of a cabinet.

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