It’s your time to shine! Share the most memorable moments of your life via SanrioTown’s DreamStudio and get a chance to win a beautiful Diamond pendant courtesy of MaBellelife.


To join the competition, this is what you should do:

If you haven’t gotten a SanrioTown account yet, get one now!:D Log in to your account, and then click on the DreamStudio tab (they yellow one) once you’re in . Create your own special video there, making sure that you maximize the features of DreamStudio by including different text styles, background music, and other special effects. Remember to use the “Twinkle” screen effect when you make your video. After making your work of art, be sure to save it. You can use whatever title you want, as long as you include “dazzling moment” as one of the tags of your video.

Note: When you enter that in the Tags section, make sure that you enclose “dazzling moment” in double quotation marks, otherwise, it would not register in the system.

The criteria for judging the videos are the following:

Creativity. The features of DreamStudio should be maximized. Effects, styles, and music should be utilized to its maximum effect to form a cohesive video.

Mileage. Comment activity and users’ ratings are also taken into consideration in judging the videos. Look at it as “A Dazzling Moment’s” version of Audience Participation.:)

Overall Appeal. The effectiveness of the delivery of the message and its impact on viewers is also a factor in judging.

Aside from the grand prize of the diamond pendant from MaBelle Life, a Panasonic Video Digital Recorder VDR-D220 will be given for the winner of the Most Popular Award and a Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera DS-T10 Pink for the Judges’ Pick.

“A Dazzling Moment” contest will run from April 11 to May 11, 2007, so start making your videos now!

For the terms and conditions and other information of and about the competition, click here on the image above.

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