Hi everyone. Today we’ll be having two visual tutorials on how to improve your blogs.

Our first stop is changing your blog template. Since we’ve come up with three new ones (Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Kuririn) that you can use in place of the default one, we’d like to teach you how to do exactly that.:) Click here if you can’t view it below.

Next, we have a video tutorial on creating categories for your blogs. We’ve already tackled this some time back, but it’s great to see how it actually looks like.:) Click here if you can’t view it right below.
We hope that helped.:) Stay tuned next week for more tutorials.

6 Responses to “Blog Tutorial: Advanced: Visual Aids”

  1. Thanks for the tutorials! Sanriotown is really just a nice place to be at. :)

  2. Thanks for the tutorials! Sanriotown is really SUCH a nice place to be at. :)

  3. hi tingal79 u seem cool and i love sanrio town and so do my friends!!! well please give me a reply!!!! i’ll be waiting!!!!

  4. oh are you the girl i gave a tutorial to for the video??? if so please tell me!!! gtg!! bye!!!!

  5. I think tingal79 meant the tutorials posted in this blog entry.:)

  6. HaHa.. okies now i get what Jade was trying to say. I have been trying to understand what he meant. No, I am not that girl.. and yes I was talking about the online tutorials from Sanriotown…

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