Name: Cinnamon

Birthday: March 6

Year Created: 2002

Cinnamoroll was a tiny fluffy puppy that looked a small cloud and who could fly using his big white ears. One day, he floated by Cafe Cinnamon, attracted with the delicious smell of the cinnamon rolls that were baking.

Taking a shine on the Cafe Cinnamon owner (and the rolls), he decided to stay there and quickly became popular with the customers and becoming the official mascot. When he’s not napping on the terrace, he usually flies around town looking for great new adventures with his friends.

The Cafe Cinnamon owner named him because his plump tail was curled up like a cinnamon roll.

Trivia: Cinnamoroll is the second highest best-seller of Sanrio, next to Hello Kitty.

Friends of Cinnamoroll


All brown except for the white area around his mouth, Cappucino is cute, loveable, and laidback. You can usually find this little puppy curled up under a table taking a snooze.


Mocha is the resident fashionista. She is always looking out for the latest trends.


The brains of the group, Espresso won first place in the dog show.


Chifon is the resident health nut and sports buff. Don’t try and challenge her to a race if you don’t like to lose!


Milk, the baby of the bunch, has a tendency to be a little spoiled. However, he looks up to Cinnamoroll and loves him very much.

Another trivia: A Cinnamoroll movie is targeted to be released this year. Check out this short trailer. Thanks to jesuisbonne for uploading the video!

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