We have another Dream Studio video feature in store for you today, and it’s really something you could sink your teeth into!

We’ve got strawberry2cream’s Sweet Tooth video. As the title implies, it’s all about candy, chocolate, ice cream, and other yummy food. Just watching it makes me really hungry.

Click on its title to view the video if you can’t see above. In the meantime, I’ll grab a bite to eat!

Hey everyone! We have a new featured blog today!

For someone who’s on the hot seat, though angelfabad’s Greening Pink seems to want to conserve the heat, as much as she wants to preserve the environment. Her blog’s all about environmental awareness, from energy savings to consumption to global warming. It’s really a clear issue we all should be aware of, and it’s great that at least one of the Sanrio Town users is addressing it, at least one blog entry at a time.


Hats off to angelfabad!

Sanrio Town launches its latest game in its arsenal: the XO Cave Adventure. Help Badtz-Maru explore a huge cave in Antarctica by navigating through stalactites, stalagmites, and creepy cave creatures. Collect hearts for more life (maximum of five), flashlight for ammo, and stars for a boost in your score.


Play the game by signing up to Sanrio Town and then clicking “Play Games.”

Enjoy playing!

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