A lot of people have been wondering about the “Forbidden” section at the bottom of the page. Why can’t people post there? Why are they so far down? Now, we’re going to enlighten you about these very secret forums.
Actually, these two sections aren’t really top secret at all. In fact, these are probably the most practical ones in the forum, as these serve as storage space. That’s right: these ones, appropriately named Archives, are where old or unused threads go.

There is a slight difference between the two. Threads, dating three months and older, are moved here eventually. The reason for this is that people don’t usually hunt down topics they want to talk about seven pages or so down in the forums, and will create a new one instead. You can still go here and read up on topics that you’re interested in, but you won’t be able to post in here. The Trash archive, on the other hand, is where locked threads go, as well as those that are in the wrong forums, if these haven’t been deleted yet.


There you have it. It’s not a mysterious place after all, or a black hole that gobbles up threads, but is instead a storage space for old/locked ones.

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