Hi everyone! I hope your brains didn’t get that loaded with too much information from the tutorial last week.

We’ll be taking it easier today and discuss how to change the font size of your blog entries. For those who like to put emphasis on some of their words (or just like different-sized text on their entries, for that matter), this entry is just for you.

There are many similarities with changing the font size and the color. As in the latter, you can revise this look of your blog entries in “HTML” and not in “Editor”. Also, you insert the code “< font size=”x” > before the text and < /font > after it (without the spaces between the brackets). The difference is that, instead of complicated HTML codes assigned to represent the sizes (like the color), all you have to do is assign the size text you want in numbers. Note that the font size in blog entries are different from the ones assigned in word processors (like MS Word) are different, so if you always use size 12 text there, you’d be very surprised how large it is if you use it here. The default size assigned to the Sanrio Town Blog is “3″, so you can play around with it from there. Also, remember that the HTML doesn’t read decimals, so if you enter, say “5.5″ as your font size, it will automatically be converted to “5″.

Let’s try and experiment with that, shall we?

This is size 1.
This is size 2.
This is size 3.
This is size 4.
This is size 5.

This is size 10.

This is size 12.

This is size 20.

You can also combine the changing of size with color. Just enter < font color=”xxxxxx” size=”xx” > (without the space between the brackets) and you’ll change the size and color of your font.

For example, if I enter < font color=”#FF9933″ size=”5″ > and then closed it with < /font >, my text will end up looking like this.

There you have it. Just a word of caution: using huge fonts mean that you’re shouting on cyberspace, so do observe proper netiquette and not abuse this. Also, be sure to remember to close the code with < /font > (without the spaces), or else your codes won’t reflect on your entry.

Be sure to check out next week’s entry on how to change the font itself.


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