Year Created: 1996

Birthday: May 10

Place of Birth: Hawaii

This little boy cat got his name because of his chocolate-colored nose. Thanks to his ultra-sensitive antenna whiskers, he is always up to the latest news. He can be a bit scatter-brained at times, but that doesn’t stop him having fun with friends, often leading them to mischief. They usually play in Chococat’s home, the Choco-Choco House.

Friends of Chococat


Cookie Bau

One of Chococat’s closest friends, Cookie Bau loves making cookies as much as eating them. Don’t let his size fool you: despite being small, this little dog can easily lift heavy objects. He is very trustworthy and dependable.

Trivia: Bau is sometimes spelled as “Bow,” as in “Bow wow wow.”


A very curious little bunny, Jellybean especially loves poking his nose into candy jars. He’s very generous though, and that’s why his friends love him - since he shares his candies with them!



A warm-hearted and a very friendly hamster, he got his name not only because he was born high on top of a walnut tree, but also because he usually can be found dancing on top of his hoard of nuts. While he can be busy gathering his favorite food, he is also quite willing to spend the day doing nothing in particular.



Quack! Quack! Quack!


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