We decided to give Chippy Mouse some company in his feature, so he’ll be sharing the spotlight with Charmmy Kitty and Chibimaru! We hope you enjoy this mouse, cat, and dog feature!

Year Created:

A dancer, this little mouse is a native of Holland. He definitely loves music and his favorite cheese biscuits. Very curious, he’s very proud of his tail that he can change into any shape he wishes.


Year Created:

Charmmy Kitty is a present to Hello Kitty from her beloved Papa and Daniel. Because they don’t know when her birthday actually is, they decided to celebrate it on the day she was given to Kitty, which is October 31.

Although well-mannered, quiet, and obedient, Charmmy Kitty can still sometimes put on airs. Because she loves sparkly stuff, Hello Kitty gave her the shiny bow on her left ear as a gift. Her trademark is the key around her neck, which opens Hello Kitty’s jewelry box.

Friend of Charmmy Kitty


Sugar, given the name because of his color, was given to Hello Kitty the same time as Charmmy to keep them company. He’s a white jungalian hamster whose birthday is May 1.


Year Created: 2003
February 2

One of a set of triplets, Chibimaru was born in a white house next to where he lives right now: a small red house with a red roof. Although he can be a bit cowardly, he’s still very curious and loves to play tricks. You can tell if he’s happy because he rotates his tail and sings. He loves going inside his owner’s bag to explore places. He also loves his dog plush and bone-shaped milk cookies. When he grows older, his ears will stand up. Recently, he was able to walk while holding his front legs up.

Friends of Chibimaru

Birthday: March 3

A very stylish chihuahua, she loves hanging out in the Poodle Store because the dogs there love fashion too! She likes walking in front of the beauty shop that has her favorite floral shampoo. She lives in a little red brick house.

Birthday: December 31

A young Labrador who gets easily scared, he admires bulldogs because he wants to be as tough as they are. He loves milk, playing hide and seek, and finding treasures and then burying them again in new locations. He likes walking by the bakery because he loves the smell of the treats there.

Birthday: September 9

Ka-Suke is one sleepy beagle! He loves taking naps just about anywhere and everywhere. He lives in a flowery garden, and he also loves to take walks - if he’s awake!

May 5

This terrier is kind and a gentleman to boot. He loves listening to classical music and going to the park to be with people. He thinks Labradors are a fine breed because they look clever and strong. He stays in a living room of a very nice house.

30 Responses to “All About: Chippy Mouse, Charmmy Kitty, and Chibimaru”

  1. Nice :) Are these the recent Sanrio characters?

  2. Yep! Every Friday we feature Sanrio characters here in the blog.:)

  3. Yasmin is my real first name you know… :) i also like sanrio and bratz. are those sanrio?

  4. Yep! These are all Sanrio characters.

  5. I like the name Chibimaru. It’s really adorable.

  6. It’s perfect for him, don’t you think? Because he’s also really cute.:D

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  8. they are cute characters. Fun and loveable

  9. OMG!!…i love sanrio!!…it rocks my hello kitty socks!!!

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  12. Does Sanrio have any newer mouse characters than chippy? Something more modern looking?

  13. There’s Kuririn, but I don’ know if he qualifies in your search.:P While he’s a rodent, he’s a hamster and not a mouse.

  14. My Yorkie is named Chibimaru because of this little character!

  15. That’s cute.:D I’m sure he’s as adorable as Chibimaru!

  16. i LOVE Charmmy Kitty SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

  17. i love chibimaru he is so cute! i love him so much!!!

  18. I adore chibimaru, but never knew about the other characters before! I know chibi means small, but what is maru? I think Charmmy Kitty is much cuter than Hello Kitty. But I dont realli like cats anywayz, so what the heck ..^__^.. I love Mameta and Ka-Suke beacuse theyre just so cute, but Terikichi doesn’t seem to have the same appeal. Anyways, thanx for postting this! ~Lisa a.k.a Kitsu

  19. so cute!

  20. oh i just adore chibimaru

  21. cute kaayo mo!!!!!!!!! anah mo!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. these little characters are all sooo cute i cant belive im not dreaming i really looooooooove charmy kitty

  23. i also love every single character here!

  24. HI :D

  25. :(

  26. oo

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  29. BYE

  30. cute!

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