Not only are these pandas bakers, they also work at the flower shop and during the festival day.

Heading the group is Boss Panda. Being the teacher, he trains his pupils very well, who work very hard because of that.

Mai serves as the leader if Big Boss isn’t around. This little panda is strong and secure.

Ten, the brainiac, acts as the researcher, because he’s so smart and curious!

Lever loves to eat, and is sweet and nice with everyone.

For those who like uploading images on their blogs but don’t know how to format these to make it look nicer, this tutorial would be of great help to you.

For those who weren’t able to see the blog basic tutorial on how to upload images, or if you’ve forgotten how to do it, here’s how you do it:

There are two ways in uploading images in your entries. One option is to get an image already uploaded on the Internet. If you haven’t put up yours yet, you can do so by first saving it in photo sharing sites, like Photobucket or Flickr. Once you’ve uploaded the image there, you can then get its link by right-clicking on the picture and then copying its URL. Bear in mind that you have to copy the Image URL and not that of the site you’re taking the picture from, otherwise, it wouldn’t work. Go to the Editor of your blog (”Write Post”) and then click on the Image button (the one that looks like a tree). A window should pop up asking for the URL. Paste what you’ve copied and then click “Insert.” The photo should then appear on the Editor.

Another option you have is if you upload the images directly here instead of coursing it through a photo sharing site. To do so, you have to have the images saved in your computer. Below the Editor is the Upload section. Click the “Browse” button and then search for the image you want to use. Once you’ve found it, click on it, followed by “Open.” Upload it, and then afterwards, click “Send to Editor.” The image should then appear there.

Another note: If there have been instances when the content of your sidebar appeared at the bottom rather than where it should be, chances are, the image you’ve uploaded at the top is a little too big. Resize its width down to 400 px and it should be back to normal.

How do you resize images, you ask? Aside from using photoediting software (like Photoshop), you can edit it by clicking on the Image button and then entering in “Dimensions” the size of how you want your image to be. Another great use of this little tree icon is changing the alignment of your images. If you’ve tried to change the position of your picture on your editor only to find it hasn’t changed after publishing, you can manually edit it with this button. Click on the image and then the Img button. Click Horizontal space and then enter there the size of how much space you want to appear on the left and right sides of the image. There’s really no definite number that you enter - it all depends on how big the image is.

Stay tuned for more image tutorials next week.

We have mindy22’s Sid and Mindy’s Hello Kitty Adventures for our featured video this week!

The images were taken during the couple’s tour of the US. The video’s really quite fun and interesting, because they included Hello Kitty and My Melody in some of the slides, making her a special guest in their vacation. She also used the Dream Studio features to great effect and making it more animated, like including the fog over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


You can check out the video by clicking the image or the title above.

happyness.jpgNo one can possibly resist smiling with today’s blog feature: the Happyness Blog. Owned by ilovetodance, just about anyone can’t help but smile at the title alone, and the posts stay true to this.

While it has nothing to do with the movie bearing the same word as in her title, her blog’s really very interesting. Most of the entries are focused on the anime and manga Fruits Basket, the entries also include interesting quizzes, a Japanese name translator, food, and even some tidbits about the user’s life. She’s even got an entry devoted to the definition of “kawaii”!

You can go to her blog by clicking on the link or the image above.

Great news, everyone! For those who’ve noticed (and for those who haven’t), the Sanrio Town Moderators’ blogs have had a different look as compared to the others for a short time. Now you can change yours as well! Hello Kitty, Kuririn, and My Melody templates are now available for your enjoyment. It doesn’t matter what account you originally have - any of these three can be used by the users.

You can change your blog template by going to your blog. On the bar alongside Dashboard, Write, Manage, Blogroll, and Options, you should be able to see a new option there now: Presentation. Click here and you’ll be able to see the three possible templates you can have as of now. Choose one of these by clicking on the one you want.


Default Blog


Hello Kitty


My Melody


Coro Coro Kuririn

Change your blog presentation today and make it even more fun!

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