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Hey everyone! Here we are again for a new Dream Studio video feature.:D

This week, we have 90161010’s “frou frou - let go video. It’s a really good example of modern art.:P It combines graffiti, pictures, and really good music to come up with a very cohesive and cool video. To check the video out, click on its title if you can’t view it below.

Hey everyone! Here we are again for a new  Sanrio Town Blog user-created feature.:D

We have shadowcat13’s Brain Freeze. For those who want to relax after a hard day at school or work, you can go here and unwind by reading tongue twisters, lyrics to commercial jingles, the jingles themselves, and some cute videos. You can check out the blog by clicking on its title.


That’s all we have for this week! Tune in again and you might see your own creations.:)

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