Ever thought that writing good ol’ snail mail is staid and boring? With these Hello Kitty stationery and stamps, you’ll change your mind.

stamp.jpgMade by Sanrio, the items feature Hello Kitty in different designs, with most keeping up with the recent holiday celebrated: Chinese New Year! Delight your family and friends when they see Hello Kitty frolicking with cute pigs upon receiving their mail. For those who aren’t really letter writers but still love HK, these can still be availed of to add to your collection.;)

You can buy these or read on more about the stuff by clicking here. Take note: these are only available for those who live in Hong Kong.


5 Responses to “Hello Kitty Stationery and Stamps for Hong Kong Users”

  1. I used to have a lot of sanriotown stationery :D:D

  2. Hey!! I love the hello kitty stamps but I think I will keep them and not send them away, if I have them. Ha Ha Ha!

    I have a very unglam question :( How do you type a whole chunk of text beside your picture file? I tried but I cant seem to do it. Very notepad’ish and I dont know how to overcome this..

  3. Hey tingal! I would probably keep them too instead of using them, they’re just too cute!

    To have the text right beside your picture, click on the Image that you’ve uploaded on the Editor and then click the “Image” button (the one that looks like a tree). On the popup window, change the alignment of it, depending on which side you want it to appear in. Make sure to add spaces on the horizontal and vertical sides so that it won’t be too tight.:)

  4. Hi admin! THanks for the assistance. You are great :)

  5. i no i am:) but i not admin thanks any way:(

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