Ever wondered what the rest of the people are talking about? Drop by Hello Kitty’s Park at the Sanrio Town Forums and get the latest news.

Sanrio: Want to know the latest news on Sanrio? How about letting others know of your huge Keroppi collection? You can talk about this and other Sanrio-related stuff here!
Chit Chat Cafe: Talk about news around the world or whatever else topic comes to mind here. Just remember: make sure that it doesn’t fall under any of the other forums.:p

Gallery: Display your artistic side here! Post your poems, songs, short stories, images, and let others know what they think.

3 Responses to “Focus on: Hello Kitty’s Park @ the Sanrio Town Forums”

  1. […] <a href=”http://s3.blog.sanriotown.com/wing_janice:hellokitty.com/2007/02/28/280207-last-day-of-the-febuary/#more-270” class=”more-link”>Read the rest of this entry &raquo;</a> […]

  2. Sorry! !
    i post the wrong reply ( the about one )

  3. i no people have different feelings but me and my friends dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) i no we dont …at least i think we dont !!!!!!???????????:)

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