Hey, everyone! Check out our Video and Blog features this week.

It’s already vacation time with our Video of the Week, as we feature “Hello Kitty Goes on Vacation” by charmander017. This is an awesome video, with Kitty checking out the sites on her trip. Watch her project in front of the camera and see just how much she enjoyed her time there.

If you can’t view the video below, you can click on its title to view it.

For the blog of the week, we chose the one made by cherrychingk. Even if the blog’s relatively new, there are a lot of images already uploaded of our favorite white cat. You can check the blog out by clicking on her name.
blog.jpgThat’s all for this week. Check out next week for more features.:D

Hi everyone! For those who haven’t noticed, the Kitty Shop has officially entered Phase Two!

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Year Created: 1986

These friends end up sharing just about anything, including their birthdays! They were all born on the same night of the spring moon festival.

Rex loves to take naps and to invent things, Jingle likes vegetable gardening, and Penny enjoys taking walks and fishing.

Hi! Finally, we’ve come to the last tutorial for Dreamstudio. We’ll be giving an overview of its features and their descriptions to end it. Read more »

Hi! We have our regular Video and Blog of the week today!

For the video, we chose Seeing in Color by bug95. The user used colors to match favorite Sanrio characters. Great video, bug95!

If you can’t see the video below, you can click on its title to be brought to the page.

For our blog, we have edon’s. Who’d ever think of a Spider-teddy? You can view the blog by clicking on edon’s name.


Check out next week’s features!

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