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Hi everyone! For the next few tutorials, I’ll be showing you some screenshots of what the effects look like to make you see yourself what these look like when applied. Please note that these shots were made while these were playing, so, if applied, these don’t really freeze in that single position.  

Since I can’t post all the pictures of all the effects (otherwise, this entry would be reeeaaallly looong), I’ll be posting one shot from each category, unless under special circumstances.

Right now, I’ll be posting the effects of Photos. After you upload  the image, the options for the effects will automatically appear on the right side of the Editor. If not, you can click on the image and the bar will appear.

We will be using this picture as the default image. Study it carefully and observe how the image changes with the effect. :LOL:


Are you ready? Here we go! 

Color: The following are the options: Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, and Purple. A colored film will display over your image. For those who don’t know what Sepia is, this is an effect that makes the picture appear as if it was taken a long time ago, yellowed with age. This can be seen below, along with the Red Color effect. 

sepia.jpgred.jpgNoise: Remember how non-plasma TVs are when they’re in a funk, with the static and everything? We made these less annoying and changed these into an effect instead! Available options are Light, Medium, and Strong. Below is an example of the Medium Noise effect.

noise.jpgFlash: Lights will appear consecutively on your image. Options are Fast, Strong, and Blue. Below is a sample of the Blue Flash Effect.

Blue Flash

Other Effects

Overexposure: Makes the picture appear overexposed to light.


Roundedge: Creates a moving frame around the image.

round-edge.jpgReveal: Image will slide from any of the four directions: Top, Bottom, Left, or Right. The sample below is a screenshot of Reveal from Top.

from-top.jpgZoom: Image can zoom in or out of the template fast. The following are the options: In Slightly, Out Slightly, In Turning Left, Out Turning Left, In Turning Right, and Out Turning Right. The sample provided is Zoom in Slightly.

in-transparency.jpgDistort: Image waves like a flag.


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