Name: Badtz Maru

Birthday: April 1 (How appropriate)

Year Created: 1993 

Badtz-Maru is a very mischievous penguin hailing from Gorgeoustown, where he lives with his mother and pinball-playing father. He was born in Oahu, Hawaii. A bit vain, he spends a lot of time styling his hair. He loves traveling. He’s also a bit selfish. He loves making fun of things he finds silly. His hobby is collectingposters of bad guys in movies. He is a first grader in Gorgeous Academy.

His biggest dream is to be the boss of everything.

Trivia About Badtz: Ever wondered why he’s often called XO? In Japanese,”badtz” (batsu) is term for X or wrong answer. “Maru,” on the other hand, means O or right answer. Badtz Maru, then, not only means “Bad Penguin,” but also “Wrong-Correct,” and is usually shortened to XO.

Friends of Badtz 


Pandaba’s birthday is on August 8. One of Badtz Maru’s closest friends, this girl panda is originally from China. Now, she lives with her family above their restaurant in Gorgeoustown. She is a big fan of rap music, and is often being said to move to the beat of a different drummer.


This little seal pup’s birthday is on August 7. He’s the complete opposite of Badtz, but understands him more than anyone. He can make friends with anyone, anywhere.His favorite food is fish, and his hobbies are playing soccer and gardening.


Whenever Badtz Maru walks Pochi, they attract a lot of attention in Gorgeoustown.

Born on August 2, Pochi is Badtz Maru’s watchgator. He was born in the swamps of Gorgeous Mountain. His strong teeth can chew just about anything and everything, although he would always choose to sink his teeth into broiled fish. Don’t be deceived: his fearsome canines belie his nice attitude.



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  1. Hi, I love XO too… I’ve been looking for a picture of Gorgestown. Do you know how it looks like? Does anyone know?

  2. […] To start with, I want to ask the people that’s been bothering me for the longest time: is Hana-Maru XO’s best friend, or girlfriend?o_O I’m confused! Some say that Hana Maru’s a girl, while others say he’s a boy. Sanriotown says he’s a boy, and I believe them, but some sites say that they’re a couple (if Hana-Maru’s a girl, that is). Can anyone enlighten me […]

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