We’ve taken Hello Kitty’s motto to a whole new level with Sanriotown Forums!

Here, you will be able to meet with people from all over the world! Need lessons in Japanese? Visit the Japan Friends thread and get a crash course in the language! How about meeting American friends? Give a call-out! How about some Latin Americans for surfing tips? Look for your fellow beach fans by posting a thread on surfing!

That’s right: not only can you talk to people from virtually everywhere, you can also discuss topics near and dear to your heart. Create or participate in threads that you’re interested in, and get to hear the different opinions from other Sanrio fans. Culture, age, and gender don’t serve as barriers here: on the contrary, the differences make every post count, because users get to learn from each other.


Topics are divided into separate groups for easy searching. The forums are as follows:

Dream Bag, Dream Shirt, and Dream Umbrella are under Kitty Shop. As a sidenote, this is where users can put in their suggestions of what their dream item will look like after filling up the survey in Kitty Shop.

In Hello Kitty’s Corner, Staff Lounge, Friendship, Dreamstudio, and Blogs can be found. The first one is where suggestions, reports, and even complaints of users for the moderators can be posted. This is more in the line of maintenance: if there are any errors or problems found in Sanriotown, users can post these here for moderators, or even other members, to answer. Friendship is where people can give a shout out and look for others who share their same interests, or just looking for new people to meet. Dreamstudio and Blogs forums are focused on two of the new features of Sanriotown. Here, users can ask questions on how to use these. They can also tell others of their work by posting links to their own video or blog.

Sanrio, Chit Chat Cafe, and Gallery are under Hello Kitty’s Park. Users can talk about their favorite Sanrio characters and just about anything Sanrio-related in the first forum, while in the second one, they can make topics about other stuff that don’t fall under any other category in the Sanriotown Forums. Gallery is where the artists hang, because this is where they can post their works, whether it be in words or in images (scanned if drawn on paper first, of course).

Hello Kitty’s Home houses Beauty and Love forums. If you have any questions in either of the two, other Sanriotown members are more than happy to answer these for you.


Finally, in Hello Kitty’s Entertainment, Music, Anime, Game, and Movie are featured. If you have any favorites in any of these four, post about it and you might just be surprised just how many people have the same interests as you!

Start posting and live what Hello Kitty loves saying: You can never have too many friends.

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