Name: Pekkle

Birthday: July 27

Year Created: 1989

Pekkle is a white duck hailing from Australia. He wants to be a lifeguard, even if he has trouble swimming. He’s pretty laid-back, often being mistaken for laziness. For all his appearance, he loves singing and dancing, and even body surfing! If you want to find him, the best place to look for would be the beach, as he usually hangs out there with Pich the Fish and his girlfriend Ruby. Currently, he’s enrolled in a tapdancing class.

Friends of Pekkle


Ruby: The kind and gentle girlfriend of Pekkle.


Pich: The fishy best friend and swimming instructor of Pekkle. He has a lot of brothers, and only the little white duck can tell him apart from them. He’s mischievous, always playing tricks on people.


Carl: Carl is a handsome duck, always popular with the girls. He likes Ruby, making him somewhat of a rival for Pekkle.


Booto: Booto likes lifting weights. Although he is tough, he also has a sweet side, crushing on Frill, Ruby’s cousin.


Charra: Charra is a bird who likes to have fun but also tries to play it tough, hanging around with Booto!


Posty: Posty is the resident mailman who takes pride in always being punctual in his deliveries.


Chap and Ran: The twin brothers of Pich. They’re a two-fish band!

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