Newsflash: Not only has The Limited Edition Christmas Hello Kitty Angel boxset pre-order period has passed, the product has already been sold out!  


Since we can hear the sounds of groaning even here, we are giving you a second chance to get it!

Hong Kong users can email to be placed into the waiting list, another opportunity for them to be able to get a copy!

Don’t let this pass again. Send an email now and you might still be able to claim one!


Hey everyone! This entry is especially for the new users of Sanriotown.:D

A brief overview of the site:

When you first enter the site, you will be greeted with the Sanriotown homepage, which has links to just about every section you can access, including news about Sanriotown and videos users have created. However, for most of the stuff, you have to be a member to access, so make sure to register if you’re not one yet! The site can be viewed in three languages: English, traditional Chinese, and Japanese, so that it can be friendlier to more users.

Below the Sanriotown banner are the following tabs, in different colors: 

Join Forum

This allows users access to the Forums section, where they can hear and tell stories with fellow Sanrio fans all over the world. This, however, is for Sanriotown members only.

Dream Studio

This is also exclusive for users only. Instead of having to do mind-numbing Flash presentations on your own, we prefer to make your AV experience bloodless by giving you an easier option in making home videos. All they need are pictures, videos, and if they want, their own music they can upload and they can just mix these together to make their perfect video.


Same as what you’re viewing now.;) Blog allows users to create their own online journals they can share to the world, or if they want a smaller audience, opt to make it accessible for their family and friends only. They can also upload photos and other files to make their entries more interesting. This way, they can show what they’re really made of.:D

Play Games

This is one section in the website that definitely allows people to duke it out - virtually, of course. They can choose to play any one of the games featured on the site, which, of course, features Sanrio characters. They can also compete with one another as they try to beat the Top Five scores so as to have their names displayed for the world to see.

Enjoy Downloads

Freebies galore! People can download, share, and print wallpapers, calendars, movie trailers, screenshots, messenger themes, desktop themes, even ecards with their favorite Sanrio characters on ‘em.

Kitty Shop

From freebies, we go to something you have to shell money out on, if you choose. This section has two subdivisions: Exclusive and Concept & Vote. The Exclusive Section features collectible Sanrio items that are only available on this website. That’s right: you can’t get it anywhere else. The first one featured, the Hello Kitty Christmas Angel boxset has already been sold out, so make sure you catch the next one we put up! Concept & Vote, meanwhile, literally has products out of the people’s votes. Right now, they can choose any of the three: bags, shirts, or umbrellas, which they want to design. This is supported by the Forums section, where they can also make threads to discuss their designs in detail. The top designs, also chosen by the users, will then be produced and be available for sale here.

There are also four tabs, which, although only in one color are no less interesting :p:

Find Shop

For those who are looking for Sanrio products (other than the ones on Sanriotown, of course!), you can check this out and see which store is nearest you.


Share the love the Sanrio way as you let others know the holidays, their birthdays, or simply that you remembered them by sending them Ecards!

Meet the Characters

The page shows some of the Sanrio characters with Kitty you have come to know and love.

Online Game

Hello Kitty’s online game!

Keep reading the blog for more information about Sanriotown! Have fun browsing!

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