Fans came to witness Hello Kitty’s coming-of-digital-age when Sanrio Digital was launched in “Hello Kitty: Kiss the Digital Future”  Tuesday, November 21, 2006 .launch5


The event, which was held between 2-4 p.m., was held on G-Bar from Harlans, Fourth Flr. Podium, TWO IFC in Hong Kong. It heralded the team-up of Sanrio Wave Hong Kong Co. Ltd.  and Typhoon Games, whose partnership produced the all-improved Sanriotown website. Among the changes made were the addition of the new features of Dreamstudio, Blog, and Kitty Shop.


 On the side is the limited edition Christmas Hello Kitty boxset currently available for pre-0rdering

The launch proved Hello Kitty’s  staying power, the versatility accounting for more than 30 years of being the world’s most loved cat.

 Below are some more pictures taken from the event.


Hello Kitty toasts with Sanrio Digital Chairman Hiroaki Nishino and Director David Kim


At center is Sanrio Director Katherine Geicke 


The Sanrio Digital Board of Directors









Hello Kitty be-ribboned computers, anyone?

6 Responses to “Sanrio Digital Launched!”

  1. Congratulations, looks really cool

  2. muito muito muito lindo;
    eu quero!

  3. Congratulations to the folks of SanrioTown. With so many social networking sites online, your challenge is to come up with programs that will be fun and competitive for old people like me.

  4. Yes, they’ve done a very good work on the Sanriotown website, Im 26, and I still love HK, so you are not the only one old here!
    Best Regards

  5. Hola soy de Chile ADORO a la Kitty me encanta por mi tuviera todos los accesorios de la gatita mas linda del mundo ,,,porfavor quiero una pagina en español la verdad es que no entiendo nada porfa

  6. wow so cool!

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