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Bleach 132: Hitsugaya, Karin and Soccer Ball


Fairly busy month for the writers of this Bleach Blog. You have to forgive us for taking so long in updating this, but we’ll continue doing our best! x)

Now let’s move on to Bleach Episode 132! One of my favorite episodes just because Hitsugaya is the star of this filler episode!


A chance encounter between Kurosaki Karin and Hitsugaya Toushirou occurs when Karin absent-mindedly kicked her soccer ball out of worry for her brother. She had no idea that this meeting with the strange, bleach haired boy would prove quite useful for the events that would occur later on.


Middle School Bullies were hogging the field that Karin’s Team had reserved for practice. A heated debate on Karin’s Team’s right to practice real soccer on a real field resulted on a “good will” match between the two teams. If the Middle School Bullies won, then Karin’s Team will be forced to eat spaghetti through their noses. (is that even possible? ew.) But if Karin’s Team won the match, then they would have to follow the rules and let Karin’s Team play.

This of course, poses a problem. The Middle School Bullies were much bigger, stronger, and faster. How could Karin’s Team win with such impossible odds?


The team first comes up with an idea to ask Karin’s brother, Ichigo, to help them out. But with Ichigo no where to be found, they had to find someone else to help them. This is when Karin gets to meet Toushirou again for the second time, and remembering his footwork from earlier that day (and since she thought Toushirou was an elementary student just like them), she immediately asks for help.


Toushirou immediately declines, saying he has no time, and Karin’s Teammates did not want to have Toushirou on the team because of his strange appearance. As Toushirou walks away, slightly pissed about being called a “midget”, Karin kicks the soccer ball at him, which Toushirou returns back easily with a back flip kick.


The team invites him to practice with them in the park tomorrow afternoon. He declines again, and come the next day, he did not show up. Karin decides to check out the same spot she saw him the previous day, and finds out he stays there because the view of the sky “brings back memories”.


Karin thought it strange that someone their age would say something like that. She invites him to practice again, but gets the same answer from the previous day.

Toushirou picked up a signal of a Hollow that appeared close by and was about to go after it when Karin stopped him. She warned him not to go there, though offered no explanation. This was a surprise to Toushirou, but dared not ask Karin any questions… for the moment.


Toushirou went to practice the next day, but decided to watch Karin instead of joining them. Matsumoto Rangiku catches Toushirou watching Karin and immediately speculated that her captain has a liking for the girl. He denies it and walks away, but he never told Rangiku his suspicions about Karin’s strong reiatsu.


On the day of the tournament, Karin’s Team had low spirits since Toushirou had not shown up to help them. What’s more, a play from the opposing team injured Karin’s leg, giving her team a bigger disadvantage.


Surprisingly, Toushirou did show up near the end of the game. The opposing team was leading at 4-0, and seeing that Karin was injured, Toushirou decides to help them out. He easily evens the score, but he decides to let Karin shoot the winning goal saying that it was her team and that she should lead and set an example.

Karin was of course grateful for what Toushiro did, but his true intentions was to find out how strong Karin’s reiatsu was. Before he could ask when the game ended, a Menos appeared in the field they were playing in. Fearing for her friends’ safety, Karin kicked her soccer ball towards the Menos but had no effect.


Toushirou finishes the Menos with ease in his shinigami form (but I wonder where his faux body went?). He was surprised that Karin could still see him in his form, and Karin, realizing Toushirou was a shinigami like her brother, took this chance to ask him if he knew where her brother was. Toushirou realized that Karin was actually Ichigo’s sister, explaining why they had similar strengths in reiatsu. He had no idea where Ichigo was, but assured her that he was alright and doing his best to become stronger… Same with what she was doing.


The episode ends with a rather disappointed, but hopeful Karin. When Matsumoto came, detecting that a Menos had appeared in the area, Karin realizes how elite Toushirou was, even though he was only an elementary student. No longer able to hold back, Toushirou screams at her saying he’s in fact, not a child anymore…

But I wonder… How old is Hitsugaya Toushirou anyway?

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