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Available October 26, 2010

OMG! I love Fable and Fable II…I cannot wait to play Fable III!
The Fable series is the best RPG ever! Lots of action and adventure! In Fable III it takes place 5 decades (50 years) after Fable II. You get to be the hero and become king or queen in the world of Albion. Also, you will be presented with infinite choices and consequences that impact the world around you. You can be good or evil and you get your canine companion by your side.
The pioneering one-button combat system allows you to combine different styles in your arsenal including: hand-to-hand melee attacks, long-range precision shooting, and wickedly catastrophic spells.
I can’t even put into words how amazing this game is, you just need to try it for yourself. If you have played Fable II you can upload your character from that game into the Fable III game.
The game comes in the standard and limited edition (below).
With the limited edition the game comes packaged in a distinctive box which includes: a new quest, an exclusive location, Fable III playing cards, a guild seal coin, a unique outfit, and a new dog breed (boxer).
Lastly, if you pre-order the game you will be able to design and create a character that will be imported into your game that you will be able to meet and interact with. That’s pretty sweet! Rated M

So, this time my new look is PURPLE! My favorite color!
I first won this hair on the left at a GM event, but it was a little too scary for me so I changed it to the hair on the right.
Thanks to Caly I got the shoes, and Mikuru gave me the skirt!. Thanks so much! And the hoop earrings were a gift from Gleek. Thanks Gleek!

Just in case you already don’t know, if you are looking to buy Kinect and don’t have an Xbox 360 or are planning to get the new Xbox 360, you can get a great deal on November 4th. There will be two bundles of Kinect and Xbox 360 to purchase. For $299 you can get the 4GB console with Kinect, and for $399 the 250GB console with Kinect. Both Bundles include the Kinect adventures game. The game has about 20 action mini-games to choose from, and gets everyone moving and off the couch. 

 boxxbox3604gbconsolekinectnew.jpg           26842.jpg


A lot of times I hear people saying they dont want to pay for Xbox Live, because they can get free access on Nintendo or Playstation networks. Well you get what you pay for! In fact, there are more people on the Xbox Live than any other network, and Xbox has more games than any other platform. Not to mention, the highest rated games in the industry and super fast system updates.

There are things you can do on Xbox Live for free, like: voice/text chat, game add ons, download games, free game demos, and watch HD movies and TV shows from the Xbox Marketplace (in 1080p, which is blu-ray quality).

When you pay for the Xbox Live Gold Subscription you get this: Online Multiplayer gaming, streaming Netflix (if you have an unlimited account), facebook/twitter/last.FM, video chat, early access to game demos, exclusive discounts, and more.

You can get a 3 month membership for $19.99 or 12 months for $49.99

It’s really really hot in Southern California today, and my ac is broken in my house. The kitties, bunny, and I are frying.

I’m really excited about the 5X LP bonanza going on right now. Yay! I will have more Xbox and kitty blogs up asap.

 Also I was tagged in a Sunday Social Meme by Vesperia, pretty sweet!

Halo Reach Xbox 360 S console is available September 14th!

Wow, amazing can’t wait to get one! It has all the same specs as the new Xbox 360 S, but it’s silver and has custom artwork inspired by Halo Reach. Halo fanatics definitely won’t want to miss out on this!

For $399 you get the console, the Halo Reach game, two wireless controllers, and a wired headset.
I also heard a rumor that it will be making halo themed sounds.

The prequel of the Halo series is Halo Reach and will be in stores on September 14, 2010. It has the most insane special effects! If you are a Halo fan, you will definitely not want to miss Halo Reach.

Storyline: Before Master cheif finished the fight, there was a Noble Team, a squad of iconic spartan soilders, who herocially protected planet Reach. They are humanity’s last line of defense against the covenant.


The game will come in three editions:  

Standard - which is the game disc and manual. $59.99 (above)

Limited - game disc in recovered ONI “black box”, exclusive elite armor set for use in multiplayer mode, artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey’s personal journal and other classified documents along with effects that unravel long held secrets in the “Halo” universe.  $79.99 (below)


Legendary- which includes everything in the Limited edition, plus noble team statue, UNSC themed custom packaging, exclusive multiplayer spartan armor effect. $149.99 (below)


developed by Bungie

Kinect for the Xbox 360 is scheduled to hit stores on November 4th this year.
It’s designed to get players moving and off the couch. Now many people keep saying that this is going to be like the Nintendo Wii or the Sony Playstation move…but it’s not.
First of all there are no controllers, no balance board, no nothing…you are the controller. This camera scans the room in 3D and the sensor tracks all your body movements. It can even recognize your face and and voice. Also, there will be over 15 Kinect games available at launch.
Kinect will be compatible with all existing Xbox 360 consoles, but the new Xbox 360 consoles come with a special port in them, making them Kinect ready.
Many stores, such as Gamestop, are now taking Kinect pre-orders at $149.

For more info, please go to:


Microsoft will begin shipping the new XBOX 360 4GB console to stores on August 3rd (next week!). The new console has the same slim, black, and sleek design as the new XBOX 360 S, only it has a matte finish instead of glossy. This console is great for budget concsious consumers, it only costs $199! Everything you need to get started playing! With this it includes 4GB internal flash memory, touch sensitive buttons, and built in wi-fi!

A great deal! Just buying the external wi-fi n alone costs $99.


I’ve started an Actors 2010 Summer Bootcamp with my manager, and the last two weeks I’ve been teaching teens about acting and the business. It’s a lot of fun!


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