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So it seems the cat’s out of the bag. I won a Diamond Necklace, for Crop Circles, the only Founders’ Finale event I participated in.

The copy that was entered:

The copy I perfected…somewhat:

So anyway that’s my entry, Pong!.

I sincerely love my entry, but even so, I did not expect to win.  That being said I’m waiting to hear that they can’t ship to Canada or that I have to pay tax on the pendant or something. Which would be ever so lovely. Well despite my negative feelings I’m hoping, and I really mean really hoping, that everything will go fine.

This will be my first actual diamond. I don’t really care for diamonds, my tates more fall on pink tourmaling and tanazite, or a nice citrine in a white gold, but I am thrilled nonetheless. I’m just glad it’s in white gold. I’m allergic to most metals, rendering me incapable of wear cheap jewelry. I’m even allergic to silver it seems :S

Anyway I’m so excited.

The morning I found out was pretty awesome. I had to get my mom up really early, so I was here at 6 AM. I have a habit of checking my hello kitty mail every few hours so I got the e-mail, and my heart stopped. I’m not kidding. It stopped and I didn’t breathe. So then I flipped out to Serenity and Rin. I mean good things just DON’T happen to me. So about halfway through the stream of “OMG”’s Serenity checks her e-mail, and yes, she finds she won. Serenity has awesome dectective skills, and knew that it was Blog for Thought. I told Rin and instantly felt bad because I knew Rin entered for that contest, and had done a wonderful job. It then occurred to me to ask her if she had checked her inbox. Of course she hadn’t, and voila! she had won too. So that made my morning purely awesome, and my mom bought me breakfast (you have no idea how much I love bacon eggs and cheese together >.>). The day actually got more awesome. A book I’ve been waiting for for about a month came, and my Proactive. I have bad acne <.< Anyway, that stands as the most exciting day I have had in a long time. I couldn’t feel more honoured to have won, or happier knowing my friends have won too.

So that’s my little story about the day I found out. I haven’t heard anything about the Frightspinners event. I really did not expect to even remotely place in that one. I’m hoping I don’t win Frightspinners…I’d feel so bad. <.<

Thank you for reading and for your interest in my thoughts. I have to go puppysit now. ^^;

Mickey’s House

Well as I mentioned in my earlier post, fellow guildies and I were building GM-mickey’s house. Now here are the pictures! I didn’t want to post anything until we finished.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6/Finished

After we finished we went inside…where THIS happened.

House blur

What was better is when I left the house through the leave house button, through the power of the matrix, I ended up on what seems to be Neverender’s farm.

Neverender's farm

So we had a little naked party.

Nakkie party

After that we were asked to leave. Anyway, that was my little house adventure. :]

Yay Mickey!

So I decided I wouldn’t stay up all night playing HKO anymore. And then I heard about GM-mickey’s house.

So It’s now 3:08 AM, and I should be in bed, but I’m far too excited. Instead I am eagerly awaiting the server to come back so I can continue to help build mickey’s house.

More about me!

So anyway I was bugging Cal, yes, GM_Calalen, and I was thinking. Well see he’s the first GM I’ve really ever met that talks, and is nice.

Which may not seem special, but this is my 47th MMORPG. Seriously. I keep track. I’m probably even missing a few on my list. If you really want I can post the list.

So anyway hi I’m Melanie, and I’d like to tell you a bit about my gaming history.  I was practically born on a computer. The earliest I can remember is MS-DOS games at the age of four. We had a lot, all learning games of course. On floppy disks.  What I played as a kid, and I mean under the age of eight, I played Duke Nukem 3D, Warcraft II, Reader Rabbit, Fatty Bear, Putt Putt, and whatever came out from Barbie. When I was eight Diablo started. Yes my mom let me play Diablo. I didn’t actually get too far. I got stuck some levels in. When I was nine it progressed to Baulder’s Gate, and later onto Icewind Dale, and Diablo II.

What came next for me was Legend Arena, a browser based text MMORPG. That was around the age of thirteen. I loved it. From there I progressed to playing Dungeon Siege online with others. Then finally that summer, my first real MMORPG, had to download it all night and everything, Conquer Online. Since my very early roots into RPGs I’ve been hooked on gaming, and since I could game with others, well, I haven’t stopped since.  And I have to say, that it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.

I’m glad to have Hello Kitty Online among them. Even though it’s only been a few days, it’s definately at the top of the list of best games I’ve played. To start the game is so adorable. It has a lovely light warm atmosphere, that just makes you happy. Secondly, the community is AWESOME. You guys, the players, are great. I have NEVER met so many nice helpful people. Everyone here is so friendly it’s hard to be alienated and feel isolated, which happens in many other games. For instance I’d try to talk to someone working on the same quest as myself, and I’d be ignored. Here, however, is entirely different. I haven’t met a person yet that isn’t willing to have a chat as long as they have time.

Anyway, HKO is a great game, and I’ve been through A LOT of games. I hope  that it will continue to be and that the community will continue to stay strong and AMAZING. :]

Hello Kitty Online Wikia

So today like many other days. I was addicted to HKO. Unfortunately I just didn’t get enough sleep to stay long because I stayed up all night trying to figure out the whole Sakura key thing with Serenity.

However once I did log on I started to read a bit of the forums, and I stumbled upon the  Hello Kitty Online Wikia. So I ran around various maps collecting pictures and names of the creatures, plants, and ore supplies.

And now it’s a lovely 3:26 AM and I’m rather awake, and about to log on to HKO. What I’ll do from there no one knows.

Due to popular demand I now have a blog button. Voila!


Update: No, there were NO shop NPCs in Paris. Most of the houses still had names in Chinese, and no character NPC offered me a quest.

Well I made it to Paris! This is just a post of screenies so if you don’t want to see, run awayas fast as you can. Oh I finally found the builf in screenshot thing but they aren’t as nice and clear as doing them myself, so I might switch back.

Without further adeiu, Paris (to say is the french way it sounds like Parii).

C’est Paris. C’est tres beau, n’est pas? J’aime la belle Paris!
(It’s Paris. It’s very beautiful, isn’t it? I love beautiful Paris!)

Canadian. Studied French from first to tenth grade. ^^

Hi there!

Hello and welcome to Malicious Intent, where I’m talking about what I’m doing in HKO.

So I started playing Hello Kitty Online officially on the 9th of October, because it was around midnight when the server finally went up. I then played it until 5 AM, because I am insane. This game is seriously addictive.

Later that day when I woke up, I was back at it, and quickly became disenchanted. All the servers were mereged into one. There was a lot of lag, you couldn’t move through doors. It wasn’t terribly fun. What was worst, was when I heard there would not be houses, teh very thing I aimed to do in HKO. I had stayed up and cut a lot of trees for wood for a house, only to hear that no, the very thing I wanted, was not to be.

So I tried to do some quests and gave up. Later I came back and the lag had disappeared and I decided that at least there was still farming. So I spent hours sitting here playing, and playing. Advancing farther and farther into the game. Getting ahead of my few friends.  I had trouble finding the green drop, and after completeing some other quests. And then I logged out and tried to log back in, without any luck. Why I logged out in the first place I cannot recall. So anyway I tried for a while but I could not get in. So I decided to go watch The Venture Brothers Season three. After I finished that I tried again to log in with no success.

And that brings us to today! Today was nice. I still couldn’t find that elusive drop, and once I finished all my quests in Florapolis other than that, I asked a GM. She wasn’t the most helpful person. But then the great Noliai came to my rescue! She mentioned that she had read somewhere on the forums the location of that silly drop. So I headed out and got it and she went off to bed. So I finished up in Florapolis and moved on to London. Or Londan as the case may be. Not that this was my first trip. I ran then on my first day as a newbie to check it out. Since I wanted to know about the farms and hosues and whatnot.

So now I have some screenies for you. Becuase everyone loves screenies.

First off, my farm, with my strawberry plants. Farming is hard. These things take up so much fertilizer to get them to fruit again after the first time.

So that’s my farm. Next up is GM Neverender with his fancy dinosaur.

And then we have just some screenies of bad spelling mistakes that are kind of funny.

Yes that does say Shkp

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