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Animazement 2011

It’s been so long since I’ve last written! Sorryyy~ ;n;
I’ve been very busy, however! But now I have more free time to blog because school is about to go back.
I’ve only gone out in lolita a few times since the Valentines meetup.

But in May I went to an anime con nearish to my house called Animazement.
This was my fourth year going, and due to some mishaps, I accidentally missed my graduation to go to this convention. XD
Oh well~

But this is what I wore the first day. C: I’m with my friend Krista. ♥
Milky-chan OP, matching headbow and socks, and dot cardigan are Angelic Pretty.
Me and Krista

The first day I also ran into my friends Lany and Shannon that day, which was nice because I didn’t know they were going to be there.
And my friend Tony had an art table because he’s an awesome artist~
He sold a lot. C:

The second day was the lolita social panel, so of course I wore Angelic Pretty again. :D
We played “pin the bow on the lolita”. I wasn’t very good. ;n;

After we all played games together, we went outside to take pictures with everybody~
This one is my favorite. ♥
From left to right: Miffy, Beff, Krista, and Amara.
Miffy’s shoes are so tall!

Here’s a picture of the whole group. The sun was right in our eyes, so everyone’s kind of squinty~

The last day, I didn’t do much - mostly just shopping - so I wore shorts and my new unicorn shirt. :D
That’s Will on the left and Nguyen (Krista’s boyfriend) with me. ♥
They’re so silly~

All in all, my fourth year at Animazement was a lot of fun. C:
I bought a whole bunch of manga to add to my collection, as well as that unicorn shirt for me, a cute squid shirt for my friend Melissa, and a deer necklace to match Milky-chan. :3

There will be a new posts soon about Loli Day and Bon Odori. ♥
Stay tuned!
Beffles ♥

Valentines Day!

My local lolitas will take any excuse to have a meetup, so of course we had to get together for Valentines Day!
There was a huge group for this meetup because our sisters from across the state also joined us and doubled our ranks~

There was lots of yummy food, including (but not limited to ♥):
croissant sandwiches, cupcakes, tarts, raisin bread, cookies, brownies, sugar hearts, and pink heart shaped marshmallows! :D (I took those home with me afterwards~)

There was also this Hello Kitty cake! I didn’t get a chance to taste it because I was so full of everything else, but it was so adorable~
Hello Kitty Cake

This is during the gift exchange. I love how everyone is kind of paired together in this picture, giving their gifts. ♥

This is the only full outfit photo of me I could find. XD
Lawl~ I wore this Jesus bling necklace because my friend found it at my house while we were getting dressed and she insisted I wear it to the meetup.
Like Ke$ha, I had “Jesus on my neck-a-lace, lace, lace~”
Everything is Angelic Pretty except for my tea parties, which are from An*tai*na.

Ta ta for now! ^u^
♥ Beff

Winter Loli-day 2010!

I am very sorry for the lack of posting things on a timely manner. D:
I have been overwhelmed by college applications, stage managing plays, and playing Dance Dance Revolution. ♥

But, anyway~ International Lolita Day, December 4th 2010.
It was my first time planning a Meet-up and I think it went quite well!
We had a tea party of 10 people at a very nice Victorian house called Stowe Manor.
Grace-chan made a lot of delicious sweets~
Afterwards, we went gallivanting around the mall.
And finally, three of us rounded out the evening by seeing a local children’s ballet performance of The Nutcracker.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no pictures of Loli Day on my hard drive, so I’ll have to scrounge some up and them late. ;n; Sorryyyy~

Now that things have slowed down and I’ve been accepted into my #1 school, I’ll have more free time to blog! :D Yay!
With love ♥ Beff

Bon Odori 2010

Firstly, I would like to apologize to readers for my absence over the entire month of August. School has started back, and since I am in primarily Advanced Placement classes, it’s difficult to find time to go out or even blog. But now I am pretty much back into the swing of things and should be able to blog more frequently. Thanks for dealing with me! ♥

At the end of July, I went out with my lolita friends to a local Japanese festival called Bon Odori. Four of us (and some non-loli friends) hung out for the day. We had lots of fun. We even had a mini photo shoot at some cute art exhibits around the city!

My friend Aaron bought a keyblade from Kingdom Hearts and let Sierra carry it around.
The eyelashed I decided to wear were used because I hadn’t had a chance to go out and buy new ones recently. :C
Beff and Sierra

It was a lot harder than it looks to get up on those stool things wearing three petticoats.
Left to right: Sierra, May, Grace, and Me. ♥
Standing on art!

Once I finally got on the chair (it took a lot of help to get me up there), we took some really great photos! I ended up using this one on my credit card. C:
Grace and myself.

The photo’s a little blurry, but it’s the best shot of my entire outfit!
I’m wearing Angelic Pretty’s Milky-chan onepiece in pink. The parasol is Angelic Pretty also, as well as the socks. The shoes are bodyline and all accessories are handmade by me. Except for my watch and the hellokitty on my necklace, which are both Sanrio. ♥
My outfit.

I plan to blog more regularly now that I’m used to all the school work.
Thanks for reading!

Amelie’s French Bakery

Today I dressed up to go out for lunch with my mother. ♥
We went to this really cool looking place in the art district that has delicious sweets.
I’d been there before for this year’s summer International Lolita Day, and I had been waiting since then to go back!
One of the servers very kindly took a picture of my mother and myself together.
She then wanted to know if the girl with me was my friend and when I told her she was my mother, she commented on how young my mother was! It made her day. My mother is very beautiful. ♥
My mother and I
I took the chance to wear my new hair extensions and try out false eyelashes.
I was really pleased with the effect of both. It made everything a little more magical. ♥
Also, this bow bracelet I made a few weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. It sits kind of funny on the beads; I need to find a way to fix it.
Bow bracelet
And of course my Hello Kitty watch! It’s kind of scratched up because I wear it to work, but I still love it~
HK watch
The food was delicious, of course! For my meal I had a croissant with a garlic chese spread.
A small lunch to make room for dessert! I had two macaroons (honey nut and raspberry) and a little raspberry chocolate cup. The mousse inside tasted like raspberry too!
Of course I had to drink creme soda. ♥ But I also had a coke.
All in all, I really enjoyed lunch with my mother. We always have such a good time together when it’s just us. C:

Look for more adventures tomorrow!

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