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March 1st, 2007 by

Spare time
What do I do in my spare time? Well the fact of the matter is that my favorite thing to do, in my spare time, is to volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society. The Humane Society is one of the top rated animal shelters in the country. When you volunteer at the Humane Society you work with all different types of animals. Such as dogs, cats, hamster, guinea pigs, rats, bunnies, and sometimes even birds. When I am there I spend most of my time working with the dogs. It’s not that I do not like the other animals, it is just that when it comes to dogs there is alot more things to do with them. When are wanting to work with the dogs you have to take them on a 10-15 minute walk. Then you must take them into an open yard. The only thing is that some dogs can jump a fence, so they can not go into a yard. In that case you will just bring them back into there kennell. When you think that you want to move on from the dogs you can always head over to the cat area. In the cat area there is always fun stuff to do when you are in a mellow mood. The only thing that is required with the cats is that you must chekc if there food, water, and litter box is clean. If it says so you should give them a clean toy and give them a nice long brush. You can also visit colony rooms. Colony Rooms are rooms where there are many cats in one room. They seem to be the more popular things to do with the cats because there is more space to move around. Also small animals are good because they just need the socialization. When it is getting close to the time that the volunteering is over the last thing that you can do that is always productive is solcialization with the dogs. All you have to do is sit in there kennell and try to get them to not be all hypered up. Try to let them make sure that they are comfortable with you, and that it is okay with them if you sit down. After that just let them lay down next to you and pet them tell it is time to go home.

Amazing experiences
The next thing that I will tell you is about what cool things that I have done. Probably the coolest thing that I have ever done and am still planning on doing is going to japan with my class. At my school I have the regular classes except I have a japanese class. I have been taking japanese ever sense I was in kindergarden. Then at the end of fifth grade, during the summer, me nad my class take a two week long trip to japan. At first I didn’t want to go, but after the trip was over I was so happy with my self. During the trip we went to six different cities. That was the only bad part about the trip. They had us moving so quickly from city that we hardly had any time to look at all the amazing sites. But that is the one good thing about the eighth grade japan trip that I am looking forward to in the month of april and may. The fifth grade Japan trip was more for just the pleasure. The eighth grade japan trip is still pleasurable but we also have to do a research project. You have to choose a topic (I chose pets) and you have to come up with a whole entire plan for the trip. Then you must come up with some survey questions that you have to ask at least 35 people. That’s alot of people! I am really looking forward to experiencing my second class trip. I hope that this one will be just as fun and even more than the last one. And there it is, my most exciting experience that I have yet to experience.

My dreams! I have them just as much as any other girl. When I graduate college I wish to become an animal behaviorist. Since dogs are my passion, I thought that there was no other way for be to spend all this time with them except by being an animal behaviorist. Being an animals behaviorist I think will be fun and good for my future, because working with dogs is fun and it is exciting to see there expressions when they get something right. I also think that it will be good for my future because it is nice to learn to help someone with something that they have never tried before. Being an animal behaviorist I would like to work the dogs that are at a shelter and need help getting adopted or dogs that have already been adopted but need some basic training so they can stay adopted. Because it is very common that someone will adopt a dog but decide that it is too much to handle. Like there was two dogs that just resently came back to the Oregon Humane Society today that I saw get adopted but they were back again. I believe that being an animal behaviorist will be the job for me and there couldn’t be anything that will stand in my way.

My Favorite
My favortite Hello Kitty character is Keroppi (the little frog). He is my favorite because he is very happy and he is so cute the way he acts. I love him so much. He is the backround on my computer. And he is mostly all the posters on the wall. Pochacco is also one of my personal favorites. I love him mostly because of the way he acts when XO is annoying hom. Like in episode 26 when he paints the back of Pochacca’s head. That was so funny. I know that must make me sound like a loser. But I am sure that there are people out there that are worse than I am. But who cares (I don’t).

Talk to me
Hello to all my readers. I want you to tell me about all your answers to the stuff that I said above. That would really be cool to me. I hope that you give good answers. Because it took me alot of thinking to come up with just the right answer to post. So whatever changes about you let me know. But you always must keep on reading. So from my fury friends and I, See Ya :D

London Baby!!
I just wanted to tell you about my so cool trip to Europe. We only went to three cities but they were so much fun. First we visited my dad’s old high school friend William in Salsbury. Salsbury is this really cool town that you can walk around in maybe only five to seven minutes. We stayed there for a week. Then we split the second week into to different cities. First from the Salsbury train station we went al the way to Paris, France. It was so pretty. And there were so many different things to see there. We stayed in Paris for three days, and off we went to London were we took lots of long day trips. After all that travel I was sad and very happy to be going home. I wish that all of my friends could have gone with me. I had such a good time that is why I think that more people should travel it is a really good way to get out of a whole bunch of stress. Fwoo! :D

School. What are you suppose to do about it?
I love my school. It’s just that sometimes I rather go to another school. My school dosn’t have very many options when it comes to classes. The most interesting class there is the second languages. The only ones are Japanese and Spanish. And in Spanish the only thing that you ever do is learn the vocabulary and watch movies in Spanish. At least in the Japanese class you learn about the colture and all that jazz. Japanese wasn’t one of the first languages that I would have thought that I would learn. But once I got started I was so glad I did. I started the program when I was in kindergarden. So now I have been learning Japanese for 9 whole years (school years). finish later!!!

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