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Woohoo! Tomorrow is the much anticipated do-or-die game between my alma mater, The Ateneo de Manila University  Blue Eagles, and the  Green Archers of  De La Salle University- Manila… And I was supposed to watch it live!! But now I cannot (for many reasons).. sob..  I was so excited throughout the day. I even bought an Ateneo shirt from the A-shop in school for the first time!

The two teams or rather two schools have been rivals since time immemorial.. and tomorrow is another chance to showcase each school’s creme of the crop… basketball! This morning, during accounting my teacher even told the class that the rivalry between the two schools was published recently in The New York Times!

My elder brother and sister are both from De La Salle.. but we have no fights or shouting matches unlike other siblings I know who come from both schools. I even suppressed the urge to taunt them when we won the last game.. haha

So Ateneo, I wont be those among the screaming crowd who will be there for you tomorrow. But I will still watch the game on tv, wearing my new shirt and supporting  the Blue Eagles with all my heart..


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  1. shadowcat Says:

    Cool, we’re from the same school. LOL Sad that we didn’t get the win.:( Oh well, there’s always next year.

  2. Says:

    Hello fellow Atenean! lol yeah, there’s always next year :-)

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