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Day off!

Hello! Haven’t posted anything for a while.. busy as a bee.. but the week is already halfway over, and the things needed to be done are also halfway done! Yay! I am in school right now and I just could’nt resist visiting my blog during breaktime :-)

Last week in History class, a friend told me that he took a “day-off” the previous day. I wondered what he meant, since he was still a student like I am and not working yet. He explained that management students have this concept of a day off where they don’t attend all their classes for a day and do whatever they want with their time.

So yesterday, feeling so stressed and tired, I took a day off! Except I attended all my classes. So maybe its better to say I took the afternoon off.. I put all my school stuff in my locker (even my pencil case) and told myself not to worry about the next day. No worrying about reports or about tests.

For the first time this month, I totally relaxed. I went homeĀ  and ate slowly, enjoying every bite. I read magazines, watched the Ellen Degeneres show and listened to the radio. I even played with my cuteĀ  energetic little cousins! I also resisted the temptation of going online last night because I knew that if I got hold of the computer, I was never going to bed! So I slept early, like 9 pm.

After that day off, I feel totally refreshed! Sometimes I get too caught up with work that have to be done that I don’t realize I need a break from everything, even for just an afternoon.

With my day off over and feeling re-energized, it is time to get back to work again…

Hmmm.. I wonder when my next day off would be?? hahaha!

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    Yessss days-off are love *_*

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