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Fruits of Labor

Ahhh! I have so many things to do and next week is already packed with activities, long exams and projects! even busier than this week! All this just really mean that the semester is about to end… No! I do not want it to end yet! I am just starting to feel like I am in school.. and also, well, because of, ahem, a certain…

long, dreamlike pause..




*snaps back to reality!*

Anyway, moving on to the subject of my post!

Yesterday, i was supposed to meet up with my teacher for a consultation on a report that I am going to present in class. It seemed he was not in the teacher’s lounge so I waited for him sitting down in their squashy sofa. I waited for him for about thirty minutes, and by then I was getting bored reading the business paper in their lounge. But the other teachers there, who were quite chatty, kept me entertained with their, um, funnier than funny anecdotes. *wink wink*

So as I was eavesdropping (well I was not really eavesdropping, they were talking in such loud voices! on their conversation, a student came inside the department carrying what looked like plastic bags of fruit. I heard him say mangosteen and langgon. The teachers gently refused the fruits, joking that they have no money and that he should come back on their pay day. The boy politely said thanks and went out the door. As soon as he he was gone, I heard one of the teachers whisper , “He is a diligent student, I heard he also attends night school,”

I did not meet up with my teacher in the end, he must have forgotten about the consultation. But what happened there hit a heart nerve and got me feeling guilty.. With how I spend money ,how I sometimes take my education for granted and how most of the time I feel discontented with my life. My life in quite a few aspects stink, but I am still lucky. Lucky that I do not need to work to pay for my education, lucky that someone gives me allowance, lucky that I go to school.

So I guess with this, from now on, I’ll have less shouts of complaints..

And more squeaks of “I love my life”.

Well, not always, but you get the picture. \(^0^)/

6 Responses to “Fruits of Labor”

  1. Says:

    Ooooh looks like you got it bad~ ^^ WHat a nice feeling haha

  2. Says:

    haha! i guess i do…

  3. Says:

    Goodluck with all the stuff you need to do! :D

  4. Says:

    thanks! =)

  5. shadowcat Says:

    Thanks for leaving me a comment.:D Good luck with the stuff!

  6. Says:

    No prob.. Thank you =-)

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