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October 4th, 2007 by

I am currently in class and supposed to be listening to the other reports, but I am just so happy and relieved ! Our group just finished presenting our SA 21 research defense an our teacher told us we presented an extremely good presentation! There were minor and slight negative remarks, but Wheeeee!!!  He also mentioned we are going to get a good grade!

I am so relieved.. there is less to do..

better go back to listening!

Win 0r Lose..

October 1st, 2007 by


GO Ateneo!


September 29th, 2007 by

Woohoo! Tomorrow is the much anticipated do-or-die game between my alma mater, The Ateneo de Manila University  Blue Eagles, and the  Green Archers of  De La Salle University- Manila… And I was supposed to watch it live!! But now I cannot (for many reasons).. sob..  I was so excited throughout the day. I even bought an Ateneo shirt from the A-shop in school for the first time!

The two teams or rather two schools have been rivals since time immemorial.. and tomorrow is another chance to showcase each school’s creme of the crop… basketball! This morning, during accounting my teacher even told the class that the rivalry between the two schools was published recently in The New York Times!

My elder brother and sister are both from De La Salle.. but we have no fights or shouting matches unlike other siblings I know who come from both schools. I even suppressed the urge to taunt them when we won the last game.. haha

So Ateneo, I wont be those among the screaming crowd who will be there for you tomorrow. But I will still watch the game on tv, wearing my new shirt and supporting  the Blue Eagles with all my heart..


Day off!

September 19th, 2007 by

Hello! Haven’t posted anything for a while.. busy as a bee.. but the week is already halfway over, and the things needed to be done are also halfway done! Yay! I am in school right now and I just could’nt resist visiting my blog during breaktime :-)

Last week in History class, a friend told me that he took a “day-off” the previous day. I wondered what he meant, since he was still a student like I am and not working yet. He explained that management students have this concept of a day off where they don’t attend all their classes for a day and do whatever they want with their time.

So yesterday, feeling so stressed and tired, I took a day off! Except I attended all my classes. So maybe its better to say I took the afternoon off.. I put all my school stuff in my locker (even my pencil case) and told myself not to worry about the next day. No worrying about reports or about tests.

For the first time this month, I totally relaxed. I went home  and ate slowly, enjoying every bite. I read magazines, watched the Ellen Degeneres show and listened to the radio. I even played with my cute  energetic little cousins! I also resisted the temptation of going online last night because I knew that if I got hold of the computer, I was never going to bed! So I slept early, like 9 pm.

After that day off, I feel totally refreshed! Sometimes I get too caught up with work that have to be done that I don’t realize I need a break from everything, even for just an afternoon.

With my day off over and feeling re-energized, it is time to get back to work again…

Hmmm.. I wonder when my next day off would be?? hahaha!

Fruits of Labor

September 12th, 2007 by

Ahhh! I have so many things to do and next week is already packed with activities, long exams and projects! even busier than this week! All this just really mean that the semester is about to end… No! I do not want it to end yet! I am just starting to feel like I am in school.. and also, well, because of, ahem, a certain…

long, dreamlike pause..




*snaps back to reality!*

Anyway, moving on to the subject of my post!

Yesterday, i was supposed to meet up with my teacher for a consultation on a report that I am going to present in class. It seemed he was not in the teacher’s lounge so I waited for him sitting down in their squashy sofa. I waited for him for about thirty minutes, and by then I was getting bored reading the business paper in their lounge. But the other teachers there, who were quite chatty, kept me entertained with their, um, funnier than funny anecdotes. *wink wink*

So as I was eavesdropping (well I was not really eavesdropping, they were talking in such loud voices! on their conversation, a student came inside the department carrying what looked like plastic bags of fruit. I heard him say mangosteen and langgon. The teachers gently refused the fruits, joking that they have no money and that he should come back on their pay day. The boy politely said thanks and went out the door. As soon as he he was gone, I heard one of the teachers whisper , “He is a diligent student, I heard he also attends night school,”

I did not meet up with my teacher in the end, he must have forgotten about the consultation. But what happened there hit a heart nerve and got me feeling guilty.. With how I spend money ,how I sometimes take my education for granted and how most of the time I feel discontented with my life. My life in quite a few aspects stink, but I am still lucky. Lucky that I do not need to work to pay for my education, lucky that someone gives me allowance, lucky that I go to school.

So I guess with this, from now on, I’ll have less shouts of complaints..

And more squeaks of “I love my life”.

Well, not always, but you get the picture. \(^0^)/

September 6th, 2007 by

I’m so lonesome i could cry - Elvis presley

Hear that lonesome winter bird
He sounds too blue to fly
The midnight train is whining low
Im so lonesome I could cry

Did you ever see a robin weep
When leaves began to die
That means hes lost the will to live
Im so lonesome I could cry

The silence of a falling star
Lights up a purple sky
And as I wonder where you are
Im so lonesome I could cry
Im so lonesome I could cry

What a day.

August 28th, 2007 by

This cant be happening!

I look at the computer screen with unfocused eyes.


I groan inwardly and slump my fist against my desk in defeat..

Guess what.

I just lost my “perfect quizzes score” streak five minutes ago.

And there I was, five minutes later, still agonizing about it.


Ishould not be surprised though. It was my fault. I did not study

for it. I did not study for it like I studied for the other quizzes


Or maybe the questions were just harder.

Yeah. That’s it.

I looked up from my seat and unexpectedly my frown was instantly turned upside down..


STOP IT! You look crazy grinning stupidly by yourself!

But I can not help it..

he looks so cute..

*Slaps self mentally! * cute, even if most of the time I can only see his back… twice a week in class-

I had to stop my reverie.. because the next second HE was looking at me.


I look the other way and hold my breath.

when he faced front again, I smile.. stupidly.

Suddenly, I don’t care as much about the quiz anymore.

My First Post!

August 28th, 2007 by

hello! oh wow, my first post!

Dear reader,

I might not have anything in here that will interest you because what I will put here will be daily musings about my life.. but thank you for checking it out :)


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