The Sailor Scouts in Hello Kitty Online need your help! In todays race our guild is in the Nr. 1 Spot on International, Scouts come and help! Keep the lead! We can do it!


but instead of pink, this one is in purpleā€¦and looks very handfashioned!

Well there you have it, it had to eventually get done! Hello Kitty and the Terminator movies have come together in THE KITTY. The movie is directed by Hello Kitty (lol)

Here you see My Melody and Daniel all in their Cyborg forms, I wonder when they will come into Hello Kitty Online!




August 13th!! THE KITTY

a repost from my blog on

For all of you out there, I thought I would give you this image that I found on the web! I think it sort of fits well with all of you ;-) Warhammer Kitty!

In other news:

According to mmosite, the client will be available on Oct 6th, that’s only two days before the actual launch, sounds a little tight if you ask me, the last time they sent out physical boxes to everyone, this time it’s an online download. It look as if mmosite is also offering beta keys, so there is another way to get in it would seem, I’ve noticed mmorpg also does beta key giveaways but no kitty keys this time for the Hello Kitty MMORPG online game.


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