A Very Merry Christmas to all of you friends @ HKO. I’m traveling again so I’ll try to login but if not, MERRY CHRISTMAS and may your wishes all come true!

Amazing job with a record number of submissions we came in number 1 position today….everyone did a great job, Lovers were a fantastic sport coming in at over 600k as well but they are always on top anyway ^_^ but we’re glad, we all worked hard together, NCL, aichin, jeny, Mary, Rina, YaYaa, hellomindi and everyone else I may have forgotten!


I may be completely offbase on this one but the imagery and music/style just seems too close for comfort for me not to think that perhaps the Glee Star as Rachel Berry (Michele Lea) is infact performing a Hello Kitty song in her earlier days?

The Sailor Scouts in Hello Kitty Online need your help! In todays race our guild is in the Nr. 1 Spot on International, Scouts come and help! Keep the lead! We can do it!


Professor Iris discovered a new magic seed that you can receive while scowering the fields of Sanrio land. It’s awesome, you combine seeds and voila, you get new seeds that drop clothes, biscuits, candy and pets!

Try to beat that one Santa!


I checked out her Farm and saw this miraculous specimen….


I obtained one such seed from her Lab to try it myself…


It grew to a magnificent blue thing with red apples on it, only they were more like candy wraps.



Mostly filled with Caterpillars….and leaves


I obtained a few biscuits, no pet cards on this one but my Boxpig was happy!

Hello Kitty Online is running another charity event, this time it’s about rescue in Pakistan and the Oil Spill! Read more at http://www.hellokittyonline.com/news-and-update/events/298-chocolate-harbour-rescue

Play for a Good Cause!
Hello Kitty Online players will mop up chocolates during the event to automatically generate donation points. At the end of the event (or when the cap is reached) Sanrio Digital will use total donation points generated by all HKO players to calculate donations for the following two organizations:

50% of the total donation will go to Oceana, an international organization focused on ocean conservation. Oceana is currently researching the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the largest such spill in history.

The other 50% of the donation total will go to UNICEF to contribute to relief efforts in Pakistan, where massive floods have destroyed much of the country, with over 20 million people affected. Unfortunately, the lack of contributions is jeopardizing relief operations. Here at HKO we think the plight of disaster victims supersedes all other considerations, and we urge everyone to help. Please click on the previous link to find out how you can donate directly.

Not only can you donate to the above two organizations simply by playing Hello Kitty Online, but we also encourage you to donate to or volunteer for a charity of your choice. If we all work together, we can make the world a better place!

Thanks to the new items in the mall I now dressed up my other character to look like this!


Taken from this http://www.siliconera.com/2010/08/24/hello-kitty-online-launches-in-u-s-and-europe/

In the U.S., you can grab Hello Kitty Online either as a free digital download or you can purchase the premium retail edition for $19.99. Doing the latter will net you $15 worth of Sanrio Cash Points to equip your character with premium ingame items. You’ll also get to choose a free ingame pet and, of course, the game’s
82-page colour manual along with some postcards.

Retail distribution of the game is being undertaken by Zoo Entertainment, who are also publishing Hello Kitty Seasons for the Wii this year.

Hello Kitty Online is a free-to-play MMO, with micro-transactions being the primary source of income. Sanrio are pushing HKO as a social experience, with features like blog integration, video-sharing and a Hello Kitty e-mail service run by SanrioTown, where you’re required to register to play the game.

Now this one really rulez! Can you top the sweetest cutest and dangerous saw in the world?

Kitty Chop Saw


Too funny…HKO launched in Thailand and these screenshots show a flood of people wanting to minigame the Boa Constructors are completely covered, I can’t find him HELP!


Observe the bottom right cluster!


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