Thanks to the new items in the mall I now dressed up my other character to look like this!


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In the U.S., you can grab Hello Kitty Online either as a free digital download or you can purchase the premium retail edition for $19.99. Doing the latter will net you $15 worth of Sanrio Cash Points to equip your character with premium ingame items. You’ll also get to choose a free ingame pet and, of course, the game’s
82-page colour manual along with some postcards.

Retail distribution of the game is being undertaken by Zoo Entertainment, who are also publishing Hello Kitty Seasons for the Wii this year.

Hello Kitty Online is a free-to-play MMO, with micro-transactions being the primary source of income. Sanrio are pushing HKO as a social experience, with features like blog integration, video-sharing and a Hello Kitty e-mail service run by SanrioTown, where you’re required to register to play the game.

For all Sailor Scouts, Allstar and Sailorians a big shout-out, we’re doing a reunion! It’s impromptu, it’s informal and all friends are welcome to join.


Time: ANYTIME BUT STARTING 9AM Eastern Standard Time (9pm Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong time) going through the whole of Sunday.

Time, since everyone is logging in from different locations we’ll try to be flexible but I will be online at around starting 9pm Sunday +8GMT which is 9am in New York and I hope many of us can join till around the clock, I’ll be there for at least a few hours!

For a more detailed time this means the following for locations.

 The reunion can then move to wherever we like! If you enter the US server I will be there too but if you’re not in International open a new account to just say Hello so we can take a group mugshot! I really look forward to seeing all of you there, it’s about time we get together for a good laugh again!

Now this one really rulez! Can you top the sweetest cutest and dangerous saw in the world?

Kitty Chop Saw

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