The awesomeness that is us, we caught up and are now in the Number 1 position. How’d we do that?


Communal farming + Pet Party inside MXR’s farm, within a very short time the farm was denuded of its crops, like grasshoppers descending on the crop! There were about 12 of us inside the farm doing the necessary!


Everyone is talking about the Applet Tablet, it’s the latest and greatest rage out there. Steve Job’s masterpiece.

But here’s something I really REALLY want to know! Will it run HKO and the answer is…..below!


appleTablet_hko004 appleTablet_hko002 appleTablet_hko003

Hello Kitty Online on the iSlate, iPad, Applet Tablet whatever thing you want to call it!

a new super cool song is out featuring Hello Kitty and pics from HKO, the song is called the world is saying hello and I highly recommend you to listen to it!

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