If you are on the latest patch like the GLOOT version is right after Christmas you will see something awesome inside the Sunbright Express (make sure music is turned on), I was not aware of this until someone told me about it.

 I’ve not seen any news about it, but go in the Express, check it out!

To get started you need to go into the Item Mall and select Functional Items inside Hello Kitty Online. It’s not immediately clear….


Click that inside the Item Mall and then you get to select the Letter (one only), one from Santa or one from Jinch, whichever you want to try and complete, then buy it, as you can see it’s free and once you check out of My Basket it will be sent to you via the Item Delivery inside Hello Kitty Online, real simple!


If I plug this into my PC will we get Hello Kitty Online Dance Dance Revolution update?!


It actually looks like it could make an interesting controller too if it was smaller perhaps?

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