So I know most of my compadres are mining inside Hello Kitty Online and I have been saying for some time that Farming is a good (and less perilous) way of earning money.

Now I am a power farmer of sorts but it really is quite profitable in ways, and to illustrate this point please see the following:

1. One seed of Red Cabbage is 115 coins (divide by 5 seeds), fairly expensive, you also need one fertilizer and one water can (or two if you are slow).

2. On the drop ratio I low-averaged for 3 seeds 50 Cabbages, 29 withered leaves, 11 bugs and 15 bad roots as the final yield which gives me a return of 1200 coins on a total investment that is less than 400 coins (including water, ferts and 3 seeds of cabbage)

3. Taking into account that 50 was one of my lower collection averages on an investment of around 400 I could get profit of around 900 -1200 which is a 300-400% return. 

If you want to buy Ferts even cheaper, go along to Starrfire7’s poop shop and ask her for some, she will sell it you for a big discount to merchant prices! Seriously!

  So I don’t know all the changes they have made in the latest GLOOT patch for HKO but seems to have made some headways to deal with the POD issue, that is, giving us a way to deal with (in Azog’s words) monsters on steroids.


There you go, ta-da, in each City they now have for sale Super Equipment! I haven’t seen anything inside the Game with those type of stats, each City has something now called "Improved something-or-the-other", the end result.

I fare a lot better than before, it’s not as easy as before, but it works!

The game is patching up with the latest version and I hear it’s live! That’s great news! See you on there too!

HKO players interviewed live, the original article is here. I have reposted it for the lazy ones of us!

MEOW! Hello Kitty Online is the latest cat out of the bag and what began as a iconic-toy has now become a full-fledged online game which is attracting people of all ages to it.

The game allows you to cultivate a farm, train your pet, explore monster-filled danger zones, master cooking and tailoring skills, play mini-games, and go shopping.

It’s a sure hit with the fairer sex. Susan Lee, 25, who works in small accounting firm as an audit assistant, has been a fan of Hello Kitty merchandise since she was 14.

“I have notebooks, pencil cases, plushies, puzzles …. even my pillow case and bolster case have Hello Kitty designs,” she said with a laugh. “My love for Hello Kitty grew every day until it has become an addiction.”

Lee’s collection started with the plushie (a soft toy) collection series from McDonalds in 2000.

“I began my Hello Kitty collection journey on that day. Today, I have more than 500 items, including pens, key chains, stickers, etc,” she said.

She counts herself lucky because her parents understand her fascination with the famous cat. “They never discourage me. In fact, my mum will call me whenever she sees any Hello Kitty merchandise and ask if I have it,” she said.

Lee’s still expanding collection is a family effort too, because her brothers help her find items as well. “They will even take the picture of the item (with their phone) and MMS the image to me to see if I want it,” she said.

The online game

With Lee’s nine-year-old Hello Kitty fascination, it was natural for her to gravitate towards the online game.

“It was my first introduction to the world of online gaming. I like it so much that I wish I could spend more time playing it. During the weekdays, I only get to spend around two to three hours on the game after dinner,” she moaned.

So, Lee looks forward to the weekends, when she can spend at least six to seven hours a day on the game.

“I never thought that I would like an online game until Hello Kitty Online came along,” she said.

Due to the wholesome, community-like, non-violent nature of the game, Hello Kitty Online players tend to be a lot more friendly than players in aggressive multiplayer games, said Lee.

“There are a lot of players in this game that are willing to help and teach me things. I think that I play the game quite well now and I really hope that I can encourage my friends to take it up,” she said.

Another Hello Kitty Online fan, Sharolyn Loh, said the Hello Kitty merchandise never impressed her but she is quite taken in by the online game. The 19-year-old student finds the game characters adorable.

“It is an interactive online game for all the family. I don’t play much online games but I was drawn to Hello Kitty Online after I saw my sister playing it one day. I spend at least five-hours on it everyday. I can’t get enough of it,” Loh said.

The Twin Stars too

Hello Kitty Online is not played by just students and twenty-somethings either. Serena Loh, a 30 year-old Singaporean bunker trader, is a huge fan of Little Twin Stars, who are also featured in the Hello Kitty Online game.

The Little Twin Stars are one of the many characters created by Sanrio, the creators of Hello Kitty.

“I have been a fan of Little Twin Stars since I was a little girl in primary school. I think I was probably eight or nine when I discovered the Little Twin Stars,” she said.

Loh’s voyage of discovery began when her mother used to work at a shopping centre where there was a store selling Sanrio items.

“I remember that whenever I visited my mum at work, I would go to that store to look at all the Sanrio items for hours,” she recalled.

“At that time, Sanrio products were pretty hard to find and expensive too! I had to buy my Little Twin Stars stuff using my allowance because my parents would not buy the stuff for me.

CUTE: Loh with her collection.

“This made me appreciate every Little Twin Stars item that I bought. I think the first item that I bought was a Little Twin Stars handkerchief,” she said.

Loh now has a big collection of Little Twin Stars handkerchiefs, pouches, mugs, pillows, stickers, calendars, notepads, bowls, stamps, clocks, plushies and others.

Being such a big fan of the twins already, Loh was excited when she heard about Hello Kitty Online.

“I play Hello Kitty Online every chance I get. I love being able to play with the Little Twin Stars and interact with them. I like the fact that this game is very wholesome and not violent. It’s not about whacking monsters, you have to mine, farm and gather,” she said.

No stopping

Loh plays the game for 10 hours or more a day during the weekends. “During the weekdays, I will log on after work and play for about four to six hours,” she said.

She also thinks that Hello Kitty Online is highly social game. “Interacting with other players makes this game a whole lot more fun. I have met so many people my age through the game,” she said.

There are some older game players, with families and kids of their own.

“Surprisingly when playing the game, I meet adults, mainly in their mid/late 20s. I love the fact that this game seems to attract people of all ages, from all walks of life, and from different countries,” she said.

Loh has made friends with players from the United States, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore through the game.

Despite her age, Loh’s parents are not against her hobby. “ I support my hobby on my own and I keep everything in my room. I don’t think my parents know the names of the twins, though ..,” she said.

“Once in awhile, my mum might come into my room and notice something new that I have just bought but she has never asked me to stop,” she laughed.

HUGE FAN: Lee’s collection started with the plushie (a soft toy) collection series from McDonalds in 2000.

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