This is a repost from a wonderfully amusing, fun and just funny site (in its own way…), I love the comment and I agree, it’s AWESOME.


As a general rule of thumb, when walking past a store and a giant Hello Kitty emerges from a plasma screen trying to take your hand, do not touch it. Just back away slowly. Because otherwise, you will be transported into the pinkest, gayest digital world your eyes have ever seen. Oh, wait, maybe that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This video is a trailer for the upcoming Hello Kitty Online game, showing the kinds of characters you can create. It looks like just the fruitiest thing I’ve ever seen, from fairy princess garb to animal costumes. Once appropriately attired, you can team up with your friends to rescue Hello Kitty and her friends. Well, at least, that’s the plot I could glean from this wordless trailer. There’s no actual gameplay footage, but the screenshots I’ve seen look just as crazily colorful and cute. Seriously, this game looks like it’s going to sear your retinas with its colorful cuteness. It’s either going to be the most awful thing ever created, or the most awesome! I vote awesome!

The new Hello Kitty Online Game Trailer, as someone else said uebercute!

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